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siftbot says...

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Krupo says...

It wasn't a dupe, but of overzealous moderating going on. We'll have to get that fixed up quickly.

In reply to this comment by DrPawn:
If its not a total duplicate why even complain about it ? A short clip of an interview is totally differant then the whole thing. It obviously highlights something very interesting. Boo the dupe fairys.

Peroxide says...

Produce energy in a billion different un-tuned car motors, or produce electricity in maybe 100 efficient power plants equipped with scrubbers which produce electricity for electric cars. You tell me which is cleaner...

qruel says...

someone has responded to your comment in this thread

In reply to this comment by DrPawn:
Whatever, Ill stick to my gas powered hybred. Powerfull, endless range and $10000 cheaper then that. Also you have to look at the carbon being used to produce the electircity and the CO2 used as a direct pollutant from driving it.

So its an expensive, dirty, car with no range and low to average power. No thank you.

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