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The World's Most Dangerous Path Isn't So Dangerous Any More

fissionchips says...

It wasn't particularly dangerous before, the supports were not 'bits of metal', they were railroad ties anchored into solid rock. 95% of the way you could simply walk the path, and in a couple spots there were via ferrata type cables to help walk across the beams where the concrete had eroded.

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fissionchips says...

I've found myself clicking on your profile a couple times recently because of your fantastic posts. Where do you know of Bill Rees from? He's one of my favourite lecturers.

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fissionchips says...

Glad you like my stylesheet! I need to come up with another one for my new channel.

Thanks for changing the sorting on discards, it'll help me figure our a lot quicker when I've posted a dupe.

In reply to this comment by lucky760:
Nice- I've never seen your profile styles before now.

Just wanted to let you know I fixed the profile discarded listing so your latest submissions will always be displayed first.

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