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My 50 Cal Exploded

Stormsinger says...

I have one question for y'all. Who fucked up? I'm not interested enough to waste 20 minutes for the answer, but I want to know who was at fault.

$55,000 for 5,000 votes

Old Guy Takes Down Two Big Trees

Stormsinger says...

The only time we ever cut a tree, we were shocked at how far it "jumped" with the final cut. The base of the trunk flew at least 12-15 feet, coming -way- too close to the truck supplying the tension. That pulley allowing the truck to supply tension from a different direction is nothing short of brilliant. If only youtube had been available in the 70s, we too could have been smart.

Heat Shrink Self-Solder Butt Splice Connectors

Stormsinger says...

Sure wish these had been around when I spent hours wiring up a new fuse block in my old VW, in 20-something degree temperatures. Could have been done in 20 minutes, rather than 3-4 hours.


What is porous asphalt and how does it work?

Stormsinger says...

A minor point...porous asphalt is only briefly mentioned. The video spends some 90%+ of its time explaining porous concrete, which except for the embedded plastic is a fairly obvious concept. I still have no idea how porous asphalt could work...I'd think the tar would make it pretty watertight.

World's Biggest Carnivorous Plant?

Adam Ruins Everything - Real Reason Hospitals Are So Costly

Stormsinger says...

I find that claim a bit hard to swallow. Changing the way tests are -billed- doesn't require any change in way samples are prepped. What I suspect really happened was that the lab saw an opportunity to charge multiple times for work that was only done once.

HugeJerk said:

I worked in a doctors office for awhile... and I asked one of the doctors about the costs. He told me pretty much what they say in this video, but there was another thing. Labs used to run a panel of tests for one set price. But insurance companies wanted each test separated out into their own billing. It made a single test cost something like a dollar less than the panel of tests.

The problem being the majority of the work was in prepping the sample for the tests. Separating it out made it so the labs had to add that prep work cost to each test. Since most doctors usually order several tests, it drove the cost way up.

Here's how the American diet has changed the last 52 years

Stormsinger says...

I'm normally a big fan of Occam's Razor, but this is one of those questions that demonstrate why it's a rule-of-thumb, rather than a law. As the study that @transmorpher linked to shows, there appears to be a serious degree of homeostasis in the human metabolism. In short, the simple explanations just don't explain the observations.

SwimWithSharks said:

Now what is the average caloric expenditure for the "average American" over the same period? I bet that in addition to the average caloric consumption going up 800/day, the average caloric expenditure went down due to a lot less people working in physical jobs now compared to 50 years ago...

It seems calories-in/calories-out would be a much simpler explanation for the "obesity epidemic" compared to eating high/low fat high/low carbs etc. etc.

Atheist Angers Christians With Bible Verse

Stormsinger says...

Sure we could do that...but then the priest class would have to get -real- jobs.

transmorpher said:

You don't need religion of any kind to spread compassion and unity. We can teach that to people without all of the metaphysical juju, and without burying the good messages in a minefield of misogyny and xenophobia.

Also how about we learn to do good things for the sake of goodness, which is it's own reward, instead of the threat of eternal punishment.

Why you should never pour grease down the drain

Stormsinger says...

So clean up your drains with boiling salt water? That's enough to make me question everything -in- this video. I'd suspect it all of being just a collection of urban myths.

How to turn a sphere inside out

How Many Countries is the U.S. Currently Bombing?

Stormsinger says...

I seriously doubt this is a new development. It's a pretty obvious evolution of the totally fictional statistics reported by the military as far back as Viet Nam.

7 Tips To Wake Up Without Coffee

The sounds of a World Champion Whistler

Stormsinger says...

I sure hope he made a few bucks for that product placement. Cause I suspect that would be more than his championships pay.

One hell of a skill, though.

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