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ObsidianStorm says...

No - I hadn't watched that one. Thanks for pointing it out!

Oh, and I love your avatar!

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You've probably already seen this. It's from the same AE show you posted recently with the Matt Slick debate. I think it's right before Slick calls in. One of the hosts uses 3 jars to show a problem with Slick's argument. Anyway I thought you would find it interesting.

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ObsidianStorm says...

Thanks guy - sorry about that. That's the first time I've been on this end of that transaction...

Took your advice and used your embed - much better!


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ObsidianStorm says...

In reply to this comment by brain:
>> ^ObsidianStorm:
I suppose you have to add, to be a christian, not only do you believe the schtick, but you also want to follow it's teachings...

Maybe if people could agree on what Christ's teachings actually are. Even looking at the same text people get wildly different ideas from it.

And if maybe we could agree on what the text actually says. There are thousands of different copies of the Bible with different text since it was copied by scribes for so long. Many of the differences are significant.

And maybe if the only knowledge we have of Jesus Christ wasn't just stories written down several decades after his death by people who he had never met.

And that's all assuming that being a Christian is something to be desired. The amount of evidence we have on Jesus Christ is so small that there exists a chance that he never actually existed.


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