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A little about me...
I once threatened to sue my parents for depriving me of the bliss of non being through a willful and wanton act of conception.

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BSR says...

LOL! Nice. The fact you make it a floating island shows you're ready for rising sea levels.

I'll be back. Got to go snatch one. Bag 'em up.

newtboy said:

Use them to fulfill my plans for world domination in a style that would make Thanos look like Mr Rogers....but first build a floating spider skull island and move there.


Payback says...

My mustang is a 73 convertible with a 351c.
I remember noticing its emission control ended with routing the PCV to the carburetor.

newtboy said:

You would love my jeep and bronco then, both early 70's v8s, with no catalytic converters.

BSR says...

A broken heart cannot be ignored or excused.

The bleeding hearts and the artists
Make their stand

newtboy said:

Being exposed no longer has meaning when any and everything can and will be ignored or excused.

siftbot says...

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siftbot says...

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