Weekly Achievements for 12Jan20 thru 18Jan20

#1 Video

GUNS AKIMBO Trailer (2020) by ant

What is a Trompe? by w1ndex

Security Door by newtboy

When you are a bus driver and think you are alone by Mordhaus

Jeopardy Burn by newtboy

Golden Retriever Puppies Launch Cuteness Attack on Toddler by C-note

Please Don't Watch The Goop Lab by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

AR 15 Gun Lock Removed With Lego Astronaut by newtboy reached #2
Original Unchained Melody - 1955 by nock reached #2
Bombshell Evidence as Impeachment Articles sent to Senate by simonm reached #2
Scottish reporter falls for Australian drop bear prank by blackfox42 reached #2
Cuttlefish given 3D glasses to determine distance by Mordhaus reached #2
Videosifts @Sarzys Top Ten Best Films of 2019 by eric3579 reached #2
Plans for Middle East - U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark (2007) by notarobot reached #3
How '1917' Was Filmed To Look Like One Shot by Mordhaus reached #3
OATS STUDIOS PRESENTS – MIGRANTS – by Paul Chadeisson by newtboy reached #3
Squidworm - Deepsea Oddities by newtboy reached #3
The Real Thing by Mordhaus reached #3
How to get past a fallen log - Blocked Path by ant reached #3
Taal Ash Cloud Spawns Lightning by newtboy reached #3
An Unauthorized Eulogy | exurb1a by eric3579 reached #4
Lev Parnas Exposes Nunes As Part Of Ukrainian Scandal by newtboy reached #4
Reporting from Midwest FurFest by Farhad2000 reached #5
Why Elon Musk Created Neuralink by oritteropo reached #5
Neighbor Calls Police After Hearing A Woman Crying For Help by newtboy reached #5
Trump Turns Our Military Into Mercenaries by BSR reached #6
Cookie Monster Rehab - Family Guy by ant reached #6
Congress Votes to Limit Trump's War Powers After Iran Lies by simonm reached #7
The Most Gullible Prison Guard Ever - Key & Peele by Mordhaus reached #7
Neil Peart Drum Solo,R.I.P by BSR reached #7

Top Comments

I like your enthusiasm. Much like myself when I... by BSR (4 votes)
I googled so many things. by eric3579 (3 votes)
The trouble is he's kicking the US's ass. And then... by moonsammy (3 votes)
All that gear doesn't protect her a bit from the real... by newtboy (3 votes)
Does this mean there'll be more substantial Oats videos... by moonsammy (3 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Jeopardy Burn by newtboy (27 votes)
Security Door by newtboy (27 votes)
Scottish reporter falls for Australian drop bear prank by blackfox42 (23 votes)
Original Unchained Melody - 1955 by nock (19 votes)
Please Don't Watch The Goop Lab by Mordhaus (19 votes)

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