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Making chainsaw noises while cutting cheese

Pup goes crazy with joy over frozen waffle

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Irish People Taste Test Thanksgiving Food

ulysses1904 says...

My first trip overseas from the U.S. was to Dublin in 1991 and I was enthralled by the Irish people, their accent, the street signs in Gaelic and pretty much everything else. It was great to be in the land of James Joyce, the Pogues, Clannad and U2. I almost had to remind myself at first that this is not some kind of Disneyland exhibit, that this is the way they are and have always been. Then I bought a "sausage roll" from a snack shop which turned out to be a big chunk of spam. Brought me right back to reality.

eric3579 said:

The internet has me convinced all Irish people are awesome. Every single video i see.

Vegan accidentally eats cheese

Ouch! Girl Rips Out Her Hair Eating Corn On A Drill

Whole Foods Anti-gay Slur

ulysses1904 says...

Agreed. Who doesn't look at a cake in the store that they just paid to have some custom writing or design?

Khufu said:

In the video the box is not covered or anything, so he could have seen what it said right there... and he still pays for it and doesn't notice until he gets into the car? Yup, lies. But why?

Whole Foods Anti-gay Slur

ulysses1904 says...

If he does admit to fraud no doubt it will include the en vogue fallback "at least I started a dialog on this issue, which is what is most important".

Why Avocados Shouldn't Exist

ulysses1904 says...

Agreed. I scrolled it so I didn't have to see the video and just listened to the audio and read the subtitles. If it's not an irritating presenter then it's a video full of hyper-rebus over-edited visuals. Or sometimes a mixture of both.

rex84 said:

Love the content, hate the hipster presenting it. Could barely get through it, despite the killer story.

Mishka wants waffles

Hell's Cafeteria - Gordon Ramsay Grills Chen & Corden

ulysses1904 says...

"Idiot sandwich", I bust out laughing at that one. I watched the first few seasons of Hell's Kitchen because Gordon Ramsey was amusing to watch when he flies off the handle. But the Cinderella story premise is beaten into the ground on all these "reality" show contests. All these wannabes who think they will be fast-tracked into success without spending years earning it deserve all the "reality" check failures that come their way.

"Chef" Trailer

ulysses1904 says...

I can't hear amuse bouche without cracking up because on an episode of Top Chef the challenge was to create an amuse bouche for a guest judge using vending machine snacks. Everybody got pretty creative but this one guy could only think to stick a cheetoh onto a piece of a snickers bar. Cracks me up to this day. Now that was an amuse douche.

Hilarious Guy Loves Food - Five Guys Burger and Fries Review

ulysses1904 says...

I tried them once earlier this year up in Connecticut. The burgers and fries actually tasted pretty bland, even with salt and pepper. It didn't strike me as any kind of specialty. I'll have to try them again.

oritteropo (Member Profile)

oritteropo (Member Profile)

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