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Secrets From The Potato Chip Factory

spoco2 says...

I just don't get the complaint that automation has put people out of jobs.

You've taken shitty, menial, repetitive jobs and made them automated... like they should be.

In an ideal world, the people who used to do shitty jobs like that should be better educated and skilled and be able to do more fulfilling jobs.

Sure it doesn't always happen like that, but decrying the lack of mind numbing jobs that are better handled by automated procedures is really setting a fucking low bar on what you think quality of life should be.

Complain about the lack of education that leaves droves of people with no skills to be able to do meaningful work.

STUNNING Cotton Candy (Fairy Floss) flower making

STUNNING Cotton Candy (Fairy Floss) flower making

STUNNING Cotton Candy (Fairy Floss) flower making

oritteropo (Member Profile)

spoco2 says...

ahh, thanks. It was one of the 'possible invocations' and then didn't say anything.

I will now beg it up

oritteropo said:

You can't use *quality on your own post. I thought that siftbot used to tell you that when you tried, but could be misremembering.

*beg gets you three days of attention for one pp, or *promote gives you a random amount for 2.

Flavor Tripping - Queens, New York

How ya like 'dem apples?


spoco2 says...

I don't mind the idea, but I do mind the sanctimonious way in which they present these as the second coming of christ or something.

They're still a shitload of sugar

They're still bad for you, just getting rid of some of the shit still leaves a whole lot of other stuff we should only eat occasionally... and yet the problem is that people seem to eat candy every day. How about swap the candy for fruit?

Gordon Ramsay's Version of Bolognaise Ragu

spoco2 says...

Looks good. Only thing I don't know from that is how much wine and how much chopped tomatoes.

I would imagine it's one tin of chopped tomatoes (as it's usual to use the tinned ones in these), but the wine?

I might try this tonight actually.

Gordon Ramsay's Perfect Scrambled Eggs

spoco2 says...

Ha, glad to see my mentioning of these in the other Gordon Ramsay video got this promoted again. I make these regularly as it's one of those recipes that's so damn simple I can actually remember it without having to look it up each time.

And it makes such f*cking delicious scrambled eggs.

Such that now I'm regularly disappointed when I have bacon and eggs at a restaurant as they stuff them up soooo often.


spoco2 says...

Well, the difference between Gordon and most 'tv chefs' is that Gordon really is a damn fine chef, top of the heap.

Plus his method for making scrambled eggs is so easy and yet results in such delicious eggs that it makes a nice Sunday breakfast something special at our house

Insane Pizza Cutting Skills

spoco2 says...

Yeah, but has he actually cut them all the way through? I would say not, so you're left with pizza with essentially perforation marks that you still have to tear apart.

DIY Cotton Candy Machine

spoco2 says...

Yeah 'DIY'

If you can weld

And can smoothly cut holes in metal

And have a surplus 1500rpm motor lying around

And a hydraulic plug and cap that you have centre drilled, and tapped of course

And you have a bench drill

Oh, and a butane torch

Basically... if you have a complete toolshop and good mechanical skills and spend $45 then sure, you could build this... (And hope that your welding etc. remains intact at 1500rpm) or you could just spend $45 and buy one.

Leaked iPhone 5 Promo Vid

spoco2 says...

>> ^Deano:

>> ^spoco2:
Hey look, it's a short, amusing and witty way of saying what took this life sapping video over 13 minutes to only half get across.

I accept that guy's point but he does go on a bit. I've stopped watching that one and i hope I'm not missing any relevatory stuff towards the end.

I skipped around the whole thing. No, no you're not. It's the usual waffle.

Leaked iPhone 5 Promo Vid

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