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I got Olive your votes

3rd Rock from the Sun - Tommy knows how to cook

Ewww! I Mean - Plucking 3 Big Chickens in Less Than A Minute

Human foolishness at its mediocre, BIG money-BIG fish

Awesome Marketing - Readable Braille Burgers For The Blind

Carbonated beer? No.... ARGONated beer!

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Awesome Tea Making Skills

Awesome Tea Making Skills

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sme4r says...

FOR LIBERTY "Yes I am waiting fo reform whether it comes from liberty or progressive" same goes for the sift...

In fact, Downvoting is the highest form of sift-flattery.>> ^BoneRemake:

I dont like people posting stupid useless shit. Sure I might sound like I am presenting my values as a high standard than yours, thats not really the case, as I may post videos you do not like, but I encourage you to speak up like I have when such things occur. To stay silent does no one any good
"God bless you! I just downvoted your stuff! "
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cmon. don't like breasts, don't have to watch it

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First pancakes, then people.

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