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Filipino Eggrolls Ala Choggie

rottenseed says...

The good thing about these (at least the meat ones) is that you can roll 'em and put them in the freezer so that whenever you feel the need for fried goodness you can fry 'em up

chingalera said:

They were thick -I pictured standard small egg roll sized instead of taquito-gauged....more rolling! That last pile there was round 5-We killed about 20 between 3 peeps in about 30 minutes....tasty-I've done all the deep-frying I'll do for the entire year!

Filipino Eggrolls Ala Choggie

rottenseed says...

They're too thick. You need to roll them more tightly and use less filling. I know the veggie ones are harder to do thinly because of the fodder.

The funnest part about lumpia: rolling party!

oritteropo (Member Profile)

rottenseed says...


oritteropo said:

Would some Reggae help to counteract it?

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Leaked iPhone 5 Promo Vid

rottenseed says...

Not to sound on the defensive for Apple but you could say this about any phone. Except for that guy's phone I saw yesterday. It was an old-school flip phone with actual buttons. I wonder what kind of lies that guy has to tell himself about how behind the rest of the world he is.

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Toast Will Never Be The Same - Toastieknife

rottenseed says...

I do it too but not without getting yelled at. The one thing that this video does make me cringe at is the idea of just scraping butter off the top of the stick. That's just weird to me.>> ^TheFreak:

Am I the only one who just rubs the stick of butter on the hot toast? Saves cleaning a knife too.

peggedbea (Member Profile)

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