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Takeout creates a lot of trash. It doesn't have to.

rbar says...

From 1 jan 2016 the Dutch government has obliged shops and restaurants to charge 10 cents for any plastic bag they give out.

This means plastic bag use in supermarkets, shops and restaurants has fallen by 70%. It has also triggered shops and restaurants to be more aware. Disposable napkins, cutlery etc are only given when asked. Part of this was that it is a cost to the companies and the government made it socially acceptable, even hip, to take these out.

Robot Butcher Slices and Dices

rbar says...

Some 20 years ago a group of slaughter houses came to my university to ask us to build similar machines. Before these machines, humans did this kind of work. Next to humans costing more, a bigger problem was that people who wield chainsaws at work to cut through meat tended to stop seeing the difference between their wife and the pig and would take the chainsaw home to work off hours too. Statistics said that 1 in 10 would eventually do that, a huge increase vs the rest of us.

They couldnt find students for it though. No one had the stomach.

Eat: 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 mil miles

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rbar says...

Thanks! Added both to their respective playlists.

In reply to this comment by GreatBird:
Hey rbar. I posted this TED Talk with Sir Martin Rees and I noticed you didn't have it on your TED Playlist. Thought you might want to add it.
And here is one for your Feynman playlist.

Big fan of your playlists, by the way.

Eating Meat = Climate Change

rbar says...

How do the fish fit into this? I always thought the problem with us eating fish is that we eat all the fish and there are barely any left. So that would mean they cant shit and pollute either.

And I always heard that eating meat was what made our brains evolve into the monsters we have now. The development required animal protein, fats etc. As with all things, variation is key IMHO.

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