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NYC's Best Burger, Explained

poolcleaner says...

It sort of makes sense, but i would ask for no cheese and just go across the street to about any American store and get at least the store bought cheddar or something by kerrygold like dubliner or anything ANYTHING that isnt a thinly congealed strip -- you cant even call it a slice of cheese..

artician said:

That's absurd. American "cheese"? What a waste.

Burger Flippers Beware! Robots Are Here To Take Your Jobs!

Scott Walker Is A Human Garbage Disposal

poolcleaner says...

And now butt sniffing signs?! What the hell is happening to reality?? Where did you go, it's okay, reality, it's okay, come on home, girl. It's okay. Here, girl. Here, girl... Reality?

Hello? *goes around town stapling "Lost Reality: A Bazillion Pesos Reward" signs to signposts*

poolcleaner said:

Jesus, I'm trying to eat. That stool sample comment and picture made me vomit a little -- but it tasted alright, mostly rice and chicken so back down it goes. THANKS.

Scott Walker Is A Human Garbage Disposal

Burger Flippers Beware! Robots Are Here To Take Your Jobs!

poolcleaner says...

Hi, I'm the hamburger flipper bot's security guard. Please slide your credit card, food will be dispensed at the end of the line. There are no refunds, I'm just a security guard. Please, sir, do not strike the machines or I will be forced to call my supervisor who will call the police and they WILL send taze drones.

L.A.'s Spiciest Fried Chicken

poolcleaner says...

*explosive sounds of anal misery cascade across the bathroom stalls*


Reporter: "Congratulations, sir, you are now the foodie ninja warrior. What are you going to do?"

Foodie: "I'm going to Disneyland so I can ride the teacups to acid reflux!"

Man Destroys Hundreds Of Easter Eggs

poolcleaner says...

Cynics, his motivation isn't to defile Easter. You just don't understand what it's like when your world is crashing down around you and the only thing left is to destroy all of the things that have no meaning in your fake existence; in search of anything in life -- in this reality -- searching for ANYTHING in this reality that can give you a moment's pause to to to to to feel what it's like to be human and not a machine driven for self gain and the perpetuation and capitalization of your will:

This Is How You Sell A Refrigerator

poolcleaner says...

What about my friend Jesus, where does he put his bike? Oh, Jesus has no place in this house. No? Si.

Some things don't have a place in an American household. But outside in the garden -- everything in its place. Good work on them hedges and that lawn -- perfection!

newtboy (Member Profile)

Irish People Try American Breakfasts

poolcleaner says...

Um, you do know that in America there's a thing called a 24 hour diner, right? That's where you get biscuits and gravy, not fucking cracker barrel. I'ma be like donkey kong and throw cracker barrels at you until your dooooooooooooom, Earthling! *hug*

Earthling said:

Awww damnit, now I'm hungry for biscuits and sausage w/gravy. Need to find a Cracker Barrel.

shagen454 (Member Profile)

poolcleaner says...

I will follow you, Namor! First, let me use my Quantum Bands to wreak havoc and sink the entire west coast of the United States into the Pacific. And with the help of the Fantastic Four and the more agreeable Deviants, shield the land mass from all harm and construct that utopia: Atlantis 5.

Yeah, the other Atlantises were blown up and or phased out of time and space, but i have high hopes for A5. Better than liberal hubs named after Mesopotamian cities! Death to the Night Watch and beware gov't telepaths...

shagen454 said:

I understand what you are saying I would say though that in the past, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away- media in this country was a bit more "journalistic". Able to take multiple views and be the devil's advocate, if need be. Now everything is streamlined and slimmed down with an agenda set by their corporate sponsors and shareholders. It wasn't ALWAYS like this in the very specific way that it is now.

I think I abstracted my point, sure - Trump would be great for capitalism and business and I do understand why many asshats think "in the box" for that sort of utopian status quo bullshit. Unfortunately, we're no longer in the 50's & 60's... we have MANY issues that demand progressive answers.

Welp, my friends - soon we might just have to join a Snorkel Colony. Thanks Trump, alt-right-wingers & capitalism! I always wanted to go back to my roots in the ocean! Death to the Night Watch and beware gov't telepaths.

newtboy (Member Profile)

poolcleaner says...

That is an excellent display of DPS assisting the tank in a final boss fight. You may defeat the hero but together they are a boss fight's nightmare. I didn't know I needed a Jade Badger in my life but now I can't imagine life without the Jade Badger.

newtboy said:

No matter....once I drink the potion in the purple jade badger, my kung fu will be far superior!

Start at's Kung Fu Hulk!


shagen454 (Member Profile)

poolcleaner says...

Your existence must be profound.

shagen454 said:

If I had saved all of the bitcoins I spent on DMT (before I knew how to get it for free), I would now have close to $80,000 extra dollars considering back in the day bitcoins were not so astronomically expensive... But, the DMT was absolutely worth giving up that $80,000, if it were $1,000,000 I'd still say it was worth it, $10,000,000 and I'd trade it all back

Irish People Taste Test Thanksgiving Food

poolcleaner jokingly says...

Cornbread stuffing is what my family has traditionally eaten in California. Oh wait, we're from Florida and South Carolina originally -- Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh. *lightbulb* Black people food is actually just southern cooking!!!!!!!!!!

(Oh hey, I actually used the sarcasm thingy. I'm never doing that again. Makes it too transparent that I'm just fucking with people.)

littledragon_79 said:

WTF...pecan pie? And cornbread stuffing? Southern states Thanksgiving I guess.

The Moistmaker Thanksgiving Sandwich

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