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Alton Brown: Wok Fried Peanut Butter

nock (Member Profile)

oohahh says...

We got em. I've heard these called "T-bars". There are also J-bars that take up just one person at a time. Without the T or J, they're called "rope tows".

nock said:

I've never seen this type of lift in the States. Is it for beginners? I can't imagine it gets to that steep of terrain if it has to drag you up first.

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How to Seed a Pomegranate with NO mess!

Whiskey Sour

oohahh says...

They played a little fast and loose.

A good bartender will ask whether you want this up or down. I've never once seen a whiskey sour served in a cocktail glass. An amaretto sour, sure, but that's a sweeter drink. An old-fashioned glass (a bucket, a "rocks" glass) is more appropriate for the whiskey sour.

Second, a good bar won't use a mix, they'll muddle the sweet-and-sour per order. It's just sugar, water, and some lemon or lime. Ten seconds, 15 tops.

And, of course, if you add bitters, a cherry, and optionally orange, you've got an Old Fashioned, one of the finest cocktails man knows.

Obesity "epidemic" vector point: Fried Coke

swampgirl (Member Profile)

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