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Amber Waves of Grain

noims says...

I always thought it was created by those turbines. That's why they call them wind farms.

BSR said:

So! That's how wind is created! Who knew?

Little Monkey Gets A Drink At The Vending Machine

newtboy (Member Profile)

C-note (Member Profile)

Bigger, tighter mouse maze experiments

"This is Your Brain on Drugs! Any Questions?"

Deer Park - Nara Japan 奈良鹿公園

C-note (Member Profile)

HowToBasic - How To Make Ramen

noims says...

Not sure I'd be able to make this all that quickly, but I agree it would take longer to clean up.

I do have a sudden inexplicable craving for noodles, though. It is pretty late, so I might just have a bath.

The Black Stuff

noims says...

I will say, though, that for what pretty much amounts to an ad for the stuff, the pours are terrible. As an Irish Guinness drinker what he did to that poor pint around 2:57 made me physically wince.

oritteropo (Member Profile)

Pomegranate Discrimination

Those are some good drugs

noims says...

a) never drive and operate a phone
b) comedy gold
c) I sure as hell hope Carly's OK with this being online

Loved it.

It's also great that Mother's Day was the following Tuesday. Lucky break.

Martha & Snoop Reenact The Movie 'Ghost' | Martha & Snoop's

noims says...

Like yin and yang, the white has a spot of dark, and the black has a spot of... green?

newtboy said:

That show has the most insane mixture of hosts and guests, and is awesome. I would never have guessed they would get along so well. They're a perfect yin and yang.

newtboy (Member Profile)

noims says...

Cheers for the promote.

You've just given me a... thought. A good mst3k-style commentary would make a far better Turing test than the standard conversation thing.

newtboy said:

Robovie reminds me of Crow from mst3k.

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