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newtboy says...

Yep. I'm thoroughly impressed. I hope she got lots of spare fish. It won't be nearly as impressive with 1/4 of them nonfunctional, and I would expect them to break regularly.

oritteropo said:

Thanks It works surprisingly well, doesn't it?

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newtboy says...

Yes, that seemed like seriously uncatlike behavior to me.

lucky760 said:

That's phenomenal. Seriously.

It does seem clear it was the feline's intent to protect the kid from self-injury... kind of shockingly amazing to my eyes.



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newtboy says...

Ethiopian princes are more trustworthy than you keto scammers. Be gone. No one is ever going to use your links here.

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A black man can't be a sushi chef?

Drinking from the water fountain.

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Magpie Swoops on Unlucky Mouse

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