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newtboy says...

A written statement that answered at least 33 of those written questions, questions that had been provided weeks ahead of time so he could prepare his answers, with "I don't know, I can't recall, I don't remember"....Bob called that uncooperative perjury smart, "A smart man does not put the noose around his own neck." is how he put it.
Yes, he applauded the president of the United States committing perjury to the FBI.

JiggaJonson said:

@bobknight33 Honestly, how can a reasonable person say that they cooperated fully when Trump refused to testify except through written statement?

How can you look at this section and say that the report found nothing?

Vol. 1, Page 33

No Kill Caviar removal

Japanese Rice Cultivation Technology

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newtboy says...

The only thing I found out of the ordinary was the grinning moron recording it. Otherwise I think this is typical of police today.
Thanks for the Q

Mordhaus said:

What the absolute fuck? *quality

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Diving Bird Pluck a Suckerfish Off a Shark

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newtboy says...

Just walk away.
There is no delete account. It hurts the site to poke holes in it's fabric. Please don't try to erase your presence, it's considered an attack and rude.
You can set your profile to stop all email notifications and you won't hear from the sift again.....or just leave it and you probably won't hear from the sift again.
Sorry you feel you have to go. If nothing else, you sparked a few interesting threads.

transmorpher said:

Please delete my account and all message and videos. I'm done here. Thanks

No one tips at fast food places

newtboy says... wasn't clear to me that this isn't really a parody because at least 4 Sonics in Ohio actually did this....and now all their employees have quit and shuttered the business.

I, for one, hope the new owners at least lose their franchises. If not, and they manage to reopen with $4 an hour wages, I hope the unskilled employees accidentally start grease fires day one and burn down all 4 before insurance coverage kicks in.
What assholes.

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