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Not the first time I heard that

newtboy (Member Profile)

nanrod says...

Thanks for the quality

newtboy said:

I want to know what effect global dimming has had. It's a no brainer to think less light=less nutrient uptake.
Temperature also helps regulate growth rates, and it's changed.
Interesting about co2 making each plant larger with no addition of nutrients. Reminds me of growing redwoods in New Zealand....they grow astonishingly fast there, but the wood is useless because it's so soft.

Where Brazil Nuts Come From - Weird Fruit Explorer Ep 207

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

You haven't had cornbread till you've tried my cornbread

nanrod says...

Always cracks me up when someone raves about their recipe and when they give it to you half of the ingredients are prepared, processed foods that you have to go out and buy.

Sarzy said:

She seems like a really nice lady, but in what universe is cornbread you make from a mix "my" cornbread, and something you should boast about, no less?? Bizarre.

Hungry ex!

Tell me again why you don't blow out the candles?

Adam Ruins Everything - The McDonald's Coffee Lawsuit

nanrod says...

Maybe the rest of you were unaware of the facts of this case until you watched some video but I researched this story in the 90's so this video by Adam didn't tell me anything new and Adasm didn't ruin anything for me. I simply disagree with the emotional bias people seem to bring to the case. In my opinion there is one issue. Was McDonald's negligent in serving coffee at 180F. The answer regardless of botched testimony is no. The proof is in the fact that virtually all major vendors of coffee from Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts serve their coffee at that temperature to this day. The difference now is that they are more careful about warnings and labels to let their customers know that, you know, their coffee is hot.

They could have made a case that the cup was too fragile but that wasn't the problem. The woman even made a point of saying that she opened the cup away from herself to avoid spilling but spilled it anyways which to me indicates that she was aware of the risk.

Were the woman's injuries horrible. Yes. Was McDonald's response and testimony incredibly douchy? Yes. Does that in and of itself make them liable. No

And @enoch thanks for the link to the video I watched 3 years ago. You'll notice I didn't upvote that one either. You could have linked me to the documentary "Hot Coffee" that I watched 5 years ago. Here's a new one for you but maybe you've seen it.

Also, I may not be as much of a bleeding heart as you but no, not a sociopath.

Adam Ruins Everything - The McDonald's Coffee Lawsuit

Zawash (Member Profile)

oritteropo (Member Profile)

Making A Pizza With A Hydraulic Press

Vegan accidentally eats cheese

nanrod says...

The laughing baby is a nice touch. And "only in America. No I think just about everywhere that pizza sauce is made including Italy recipes that include at least some parmesan are not uncommon.

Girlfriend takes dumb to a whole new level

nanrod says...

"All of Alma Cogan is dead, but only some of the class of dead people are Alma Cogan."

bobknight33 said:

This is one of the younger "smart" Brits that wanted to stay in the EU, but the older "dumb" Brits voted themselves out of the EU.

Why You Literally Can't Overcook Mushrooms

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