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Forget Rapboat! Rap-Egg Wins The Battle!

maatc says...

I think quite the opposite. Similar? Yes! Dupe? No!
The other one is just a splutter of lips, where mine is somebody actually speedrapping on top of it. Big difference in quality in my ears. I think this one is better, but I guess that is a matter of taste.

Don´t get me wrong: I do not care about losing the votes if my clip is marked as a dupe, but I would hate to see this version get lost because of it.

Maybe @Mordhaus can keep his post and swap in my embed? Just an idea, not twisting anyones arm...

Any other opinions on this? *discuss

chicchorea said:

so sorry, but audio difference not a meaningful differential...*dupeof=

Fried potato on a stick

The Perfect Guide To Holiday Etiquette

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lucky760 (Member Profile)

maatc says...

Thanks mate!

lucky760 said:

Holy shit that's nuts. I can't believe I've gone all my life without anyone ever discussing how violent giraffes can be. They always seem so docile; they must have a great public relations department. But seriously, why has this [apparently] never been "officially" documented or explained?


So that's why they have horns!


I got Olive your votes

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Japanese popcorn popper pops all the kernels simultaneously!

Easy way to dice an Oh-nyoh´╗┐

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