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Shoplifting Seagull Raids Co-op To Nick Tuna Sandwich

I Cooked a Chicken by Slapping It

lucky760 says...

I'd seen the video of the first attempt and am glad he came back for another try.

Kind of pointless, but pointless fun at least.

Ancient cat video

3-year-old's priceless response after mom "ate all his candy

lucky760 says...

Totally agree with all the wtf sentiments.

I'd never prank my kids like this, and I think it's bad for them in general.


1. I do enjoy the clips where kids are really sweet and generous with responses like "It's totally okay. I don't mind." and "I hope you didn't get a tummy ache." These are the types of kids where they seem to be getting good parenting otherwise (and seem to lack lowlife genes).

2. For the other dipshit kids with atrocious responses, I feel like they respond with selfish toxicity and disgust because they're already probably being raised that way, so this prank is just par for the course.


Weird flex I know, but fwiw my kids don't eat their Halloween candy, and they donate their haul at the dentist to send the junk to our troops.

(My kids don't eat candy in general, but if we, their parents, did tell them we'd eaten something they wanted, they'd respond with hearts full of happiness hoping we enjoyed it. My boys are wonderful. ❤️)

How Many Slaps Does it Take to Cook a Chicken?

lucky760 says...

Excellent observations. 👍

moonsammy said:

I mean, it seemed pretty obvious that there was no way this would work. But I absolutely appreciate the thorough real-world proving of it.

I think the main operative failure here is that any slapping implement will be cooled by the air for most of its cycle. So there will be an upper bound after which the air-chilled surface of the "slapper" will cool the chicken by an amount equal to the friction-induced heating effect. Even if the high speed didn't destroy the machine or the meat, the air temp would make the effort impossible.


Packaging Guy

I si for imagination that keeps us going now


Mordhaus (Member Profile)

lucky760 says...

Many apologies for the looooong delay...

I'm trying to create the channel for you, but it looks like you took the subdomain "weather" as your personal subdomain for your member account, so I'm being blocked by that.

But I'm going to manually remove that from you and assign it to the new channel.


And with that, your channel is created!

Mordhaus said:

No worries, thanks for looking into it!

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

lucky760 says...

Sorry for the delay - I'm going to dig into the code to get to the bottom of it asap.

Mordhaus said:

Well, I don't see anything. The only thing I have is an option to enter a name for a subdomain, which I did, and it didn't make a new channel pop up. Maybe the button went away with the latest VS update?

According to any Ruby or above sifter should be able to create so something happened.

@lucky760 I don't know where to go from here.

Needs a Bit More Sugar

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

lucky760 says...

That sounds like a nice idea for a channel.

Do you see a link or some way to create the channel?

It's been so many years since anyone created a new channel, and I honestly don't recall the process. 😊

Mordhaus said:

Eric said I should talk to you about adding a weather channel. Too many times I have to just use nature when it is a weather related video.

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Guy Throws Fish Food at Girlfriend While She is Scuba Diving

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