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Fighting Fake Honey In Canada

Baby Whale Shark Spared from the Chopping Block

lucky760 says...

Would suck if it immediately got chopped up in that boat's motor.

Nice that they did that though.

Bill Cosby's BBQ Sauce

Liam1122 (Member Profile)

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

lucky760 says...

Man you're really killing it, Mordhaus!

Loving all the awesome content you're pumping in.

(And fear not, your Galaxy warez are a'comin!)

newtboy (Member Profile)

Tater Tot Grilled Cheese & Bacon Waffle Sandwich

Banned German Ninja Turtles Commercial

lucky760 says...

"Banned" is probably click-bait, I'd imagine.

wraith said:

Banned where? I've never seen it in Germany but i can't imagine it being banned here, at least not for its innuendo. Maybe because of trademark infringement?

phuongpham2308 (Member Profile)

Crocodile bites foot off another crocodile

Why can’t i stop dreaming about waffles

lucky760 says...

Exactly my sentiments, though I didn't want to assume so much, since the parents could've been recording and sharing out of concern (but I couldn't be bothered to look into it, so I'm glad you took one for the team and made the assumption yourself).

ChaosEngine said:

Either way, I don't get what kind of parent thinks it's hilarious to put this kind of thing on youtube.

Why can’t i stop dreaming about waffles

lucky760 says...

I want to, but I don't think this is funny or entertaining.

I more wonder if she is on the spectrum or at least has some kind of obsessive psychological issues.

If she was just saying it I might feel differently, but she's clearly very distraught, and it breaks my heart for her.

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