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Why Your Brain Thinks These Strawberries Are Red

Whale Fall Actively Devoured by Scavengers

Robert’s Got the Weirdest Fruit in Florida

Homer, Katrin and Janine Eat Their Way Through New Orleans

lucky760 says...

Wow, that's really awesome how much effort The Simpsons put in to have their art imitate life and how much effort those humans put in to have their life imitate the art imitating life.

Feeding time

Meet Tungrus and His Pet Chicken From Hell

lucky760 says...

"If I don't see him being killed, I can eat him." lmfahs

How did they turn this story into a 12 minute video? I was hoping they'd end it with a bucket of fried chicken or something.

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Feeding a Shoe Chips Tik Tok

wanderlustfoodie9 (Member Profile)

Shark Swallowed Whole during Deep-Sea Feeding Frenzy

Fighting Fake Honey In Canada

Baby Whale Shark Spared from the Chopping Block

Bill Cosby's BBQ Sauce

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