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Watch actor Christopher Walken roast a chicken

bluecliff (Member Profile)

lisacat says...

Thanks for the save, bluecliff! This is actually an old friend of mine I found by accident on YouTube. He was the drummer in a band called Madderrose back in the early 90s. They got some play in Europe, but never caught on in the states.

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Deano (Member Profile)

qualm (Member Profile)

lisacat says...

My pleasure, qualm. I enjoy your posts and I think I've voted for most of them As the community gets bigger, maybe the arts and humanities will gain some ground.

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Thanks for the save on the Beckett sift, lisacat. It was odd to watch so much war-porn getting voted up, while classic and well-behaved literature died quietly off in the corner.

qualm (Member Profile)

lisacat says...

Damn, I would have liked to see that. I had Dave Edmund's "Girl"s Talk" playing in my head all day for some reason and when I got to YouTube had a hard time picking from so many GREAT songs by Lowe/Edmunds/Bremmer. Wonder if Graham Parker has been sifted yet?

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Re the Nick Lowe: It's just as well. Here's the version of the song I was going to post:

It was filmed during Lowe's and Carter's wedding. More's the pity.

swampgirl (Member Profile)

Arty-Farty Shit

bizinichi (Member Profile)

lisacat says...

I was looking for something about the cat shelter that's on a boat in Amsterdam and this popped up in the search, no idea what it's about except it must be a breeder because of the litter of identical cuties. I love the serendipity of these searches, and you've got a good ear for the dance/cat teasing music biz!

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let the cutenesssss come over you
do you know the backstory to that? *music for vengaboys, doncha think?

Grilled Portobello Burgers = Crazy Delicious

Ancient art of Reverse Hard Boiled Egg (starts at 3:40)

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