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B.L.T. Pasta Recipe

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oritteropo (Member Profile)

Jeremy Clarkson and Gordon Ramsay cooking lobster

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The Orange Juice process

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Cooking Tips : How to Slice Watermelons

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legacy0100 says...

I remember back in my wee youngin' days when people used to tell me brewing beer in your own garage was illegal. But I guess it's actually okay as long as you don't sell it out in the market. Darn, if only I had known then...

Gordon Ramsay's Version of Bolognaise Ragu

legacy0100 says...

>> ^alien_concept:

>> ^legacy0100:
Ughhh so fast paced...

Aww, if you really want it step by step, I can help you out

Thank you madam I could use a private lesson or two

The speed I was referring to was the pacing of the editing, which creates a hastened look to everything.

But rest assured, my hands are steady and never rushed ;o

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