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Why is ketchup so hard to pour? - George Zaidan

grinter says...

..maybe if it were a TED talk?
but, yeah in general, the quality of TED talks has plummeted. That could have something to due with all of the TEDx talks, and with people trying to emulate the 'TED style'.. which has just become annoying.

artician said:

This is the biggest waste and worst excuse of a TED talk ever.

Guess why this coffee break is worth sifting?

Girl extreme reaction to 7 pod brown pepper

Exploding Chili

grinter says...

I draw the line at blowing up food.

Sarzy said:

That train of thought, taken to its logical conclusion, would dictate that every piece of art is thoughtless because the money that went towards creating it could instead be spent on feeding the hungry or helping the poor. Where do you draw the line?

Exploding Chili

grinter says...

The total amount of food in the world has little to do with this. My opinion is that, considering:
- that billions are undernourished
- deforestation in the name of food (and spice) production is rampant
- people worked long and hard to grow and harvest those crops for very little pay
- and Yes, a large amount of petroleum was invested into producing and distributing these spices is distasteful to destroy such a huge amount of high value food because it looks pretty.

Stormsinger said:

I wouldn't say you're an ass...just uneducated. We (the human race) currently produce -far- more food than is needed to feed everyone on the planet. Resources diverted from growing food is utterly irrelevant. The problem is, and has always been, getting the food to those who need it. And the reasons it doesn't get to those people are almost always political and/or economic. IOW, someone didn't get their payoff, or someone diverts supplies to sell elsewhere for their own profit.

The land/oil used for producing and transporting spices is too small to have any effect on this.

Exploding Chili

grinter says...

I realize I'm being a troll here.
but 'downvote' for the billions who go hungry or eat the same bland tasteless food every day, and for the land cleared to grow those wasted spices, or to extract the oil that shipped them to the studio.
To everyone who thinks I'm an ass... feel free to pick and downvote one of my videos that shows my hypocrisy... I have no doubt there are many.

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