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Dogs Snitch on Guilty Puppy Who Ate a Sausage

Hot Ones - Matt Damon

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Stacking Pringles In a Circle

lucky760 (Member Profile)

eric3579 says...

Hey Lucky you around! I'll try again. Seems no sift messages are getting emailed or through to you in anyway. Sent you many messages and you have been @lucky760 many times, also quoted comment responses. Never a reply. This is actually for anyone who is trying to contact you as i highly doubt you will see this. This has been going on for about six months

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The Bachelor but with monkeys

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Piece of Bread falling over

eric3579 says...

I just see tons of calories and little nutritional value. It however sounds like it would feel amazing in my mouth

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19-Year-Old TikToker Realizes She Lost Her Sense of Taste

eric3579 jokingly says...

Maybe if one loses their ability to taste they would be less inclined/motivated to poison themselves with such foods/drinks. Just trying to look at the bright side of getting a potentially deadly virus. Have a nice day

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