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Ranking ALL Breakfast Cereal Bars

eric3579 says...

*ban Self linking. Posted this vid within hour of yt upload. I was second view of video on yt. Last time a vid was posted from same channel i had noticed was within a few hours. see pqued videos. Most are from same yt channel.

Get Wendy's Before Wendy's Gets You

eric3579 says...

Even if you get Wendys breakfast before it gets you, you get got. Wendys breakfast plays the long game when it comes to getting you.

Baconator 750 cal, 1750 mg sodium, 7g sugar
Lg Frosty ccino 310 cal, 41g sugar
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit 500 cal, 1260 mg sodium, 9g sugar

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Bartering For TP

Pizza Royale

Max's Journey To The Moon

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Sharpest Chocolate Kitchen Knife In The World

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How It's (actually) Made - Pre Packaged Sandwiches

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