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The Elevator | 2019 Super Bowl Commercial | Hyundai

eric3579 says...

If the root canal involved nitrous i would choose that experience (done that) over car shopping easily. I found it quite pleasant actually.
I'd also take the flight, as it means i'm going somewhere fun probably*. Making it extremely easy to deal with any discomfort.
Any dinner party, regardless the food, seems quick and painless enough.
New car shopping on the other hand seems horrific regardless of manufacturer (only done it once 25 years ago). I don't believe Hyundai would be any different.
Fun commercial though till the reveal

*A six hour flight would be Hawaii or Central America for me

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Can Alcohol Cause Cancer?

eric3579 says...

Yes, scroll over your name in the top header and an edit video button will drop down. You can make whatever changes you would like there. It may however be easier to *kill it, and resubmit it, as this one will not have a thumbnail unless you make one.

transmorpher said:

Hmm appears that I made a typo. can I edit the video url? The YouTube tag should be a lowercase L instead of a 'k' on the end. Derp.

Can Alcohol Cause Cancer?

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Fighting Fake Honey In Canada

eric3579 says...

Anita Bath. That took me a minute to figure out. Sounds hillarious when she says it at 2:26

Where is this dudes database of fake honey or tainted honey?

Vegan Diet or Mediterranean Diet: Which Is Healthier?

eric3579 says...

To be fair most groups with agendas, or people saying they are part of said group, lie, exaggerate, etc., a bit sometimes. It's defiantly not just a vegan thing. It however is quite off putting and imo does not help "the cause" as many people will likely not trust anything they say anymore.

Mordhaus said:

Vegans seem to lie a bit sometimes

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Indian Chicken Curry (Food Talk Post)

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The Future of Farming Is Underwater

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