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how its made: processed deli meats

Fake Chef Pranks Morning TV Shows

The Orange Juice process

daxgaz says...

the narrator being from the UK may have slanted his opinion on rain. We may get a lot of rain here in FL, but it's almost all between 3 and 5 pm daily during the spring and summer. Aside from those 2 hours, it's very sunny and pleasant almost all the time. Also, it's usually near 90 degrees when it rains, so the rain is a nice cool break. Of course, after the rain the humidity kicks in and that is not as refreshing...

She can cook AND shake her ass like a pro

Lion Wants to Om Nom Nom Baby

DIY 5 minute cake

Kid Eats Habanero - Makes rapid realizations about peppers

daxgaz says...

i generally hate any video that starts with a kid doing a "jack ass" style intro, but in this case i'm ok with it. what he did was dumb, but not really dangerous in the grand scheme of stupid kid things and maybe, just maybe, this stunt will turn him off from doing stupid stunts that will get him killed.

Magic pasta :) --- pasta-making demonstration

daxgaz says...

if there was one noodle at the flour application, I count 512 at the end. But, it seemed like there were already a bunch at that point, so there could be thousands. awesome

How to cook the Perfect Pizza - Heston Blumenthal

daxgaz says...

I love this style of cooking. It's certainly not efficient, but if your going to make something "just right", might as well be entirely over the top about it.

I have a turkey noodle soup recipe that takes about 12 hours over the course of at least two days to make. It's worth every minute.

SNL - Sweaty balls

daxgaz says...

honestly, they would have done this same skit in the early days if they could have gotten away with it. It's base, it's low brow, but it's SNL tradition. However, it's rare that anything funny comes out of snl these days, so it may be time.

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