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WL: US bullies Europe on behalf of Monsanto

cybrbeast says...

Monsanto may be evil, but I am not in the GMOs are principally wrong camp. I'm convinced genetically modified crops will be very important for our future nutrition needs and food security.

Watermelon carving

Zombie Fish

cybrbeast says...

>> ^NordlichReiter:

Does lemon Juice and tin foil cause reaction? How old were the fish?
So if the Aluminum foil is really Aluminum then Lemon Juice causes the release of hydrogen gasses. But I think this is more a case of the lemon juice hitting the fish. The fish, somehow, still having living nerve endings.
Think of it like putting lemon juice on an open paper cut.

I think what kulpims meant is that lemon juice and tin foil create an electric current which triggers the muscles of the dead fish.

Can you fry an egg in a newspaper frypan?

TED: Jamie Oliver's TED Prize talk

cybrbeast says...

I thought choggie was a radical free market person, I guess not.
I really see no big problem with there being fast food. It's the responsibility of parents to eat well and feed their children well. But I guess most people are just to lazy, poor or uneducated.

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How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

The Collapse - Food

cybrbeast says...

Ahw this video makes ecotards cry.

It's quite simple and I believe it was stated by a Saudi sheik "The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones, The Oil Age won't end because we run out of oil"

This means that long before oil runs out we will have a better way to power the world. And it will take long for all the oil to run out, much longer than the ecos predict. There a vast amounts of oil in tar sands and shales. Huge new oil fields have been discovered off the coasts of South American countries. Beyond oil there are still higher reserves of natural gas and coal.

If we don't want to have to resort to geo-engineering to restore a warming climate we must find an alternative to fossil fuels long before they run out. So what do we have, wind, water and sun. Only the sun could reasonably provide all the energy we need after a huge industrial effort to build these things in place like the Sahara.
However we also have nuclear energy. There are vast amounts of Uranium that are waiting to be discovered once the demand for Uranium increases. Using a Thorium reactor you could breed and burn fissile material out of Thorium. This process yields much less long lived waste because you basically burn up most of the radioactive materials. Also Thorium is three times as plentiful as Uranium.
This gives Fusion a lot of time to get its act together and finally deliver on the promise of nearly boundless energy.

Creating fertilizer doesn't need fossil fuels. All it needs is nitrogen, hydrogen and high pressures and temperatures (energy).
Al machines can still run on clean fuel cells which were charged with power delivered by the above processes of energy generation.

I'm quite optimistic, I think we are heading for a bright future if we invest in alternative energy and don't fuck up the World too much in the time it takes to get to that goal.

Rotating Kitchen Art Piece

cybrbeast says...

Interesting, I wouldn't have mind to see a few more rotations. After a few rotations I think most stuff would have fallen out of the side. Would be nice if there was a webcam on this installation. Also a camera inside the kitchen would be awesome.

Ground level video:

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How to open a wine bottle with your shoe

South Park - Chipotle Away

South Park - Chipotle Away

South Park - Chipotle Away

South Park - Chipotle Away

cybrbeast says...

Hmm, I could change it out with this one, but it misses the ghost hunters, which can be found separately.

I hope this works though, I can't get on, so this embed is from nl. Otherwise, maybe someone can find the international one.
Stupid, stupid region shit, it goes against all the internet is for, connecting people.

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