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How A Blind Person Cooks Food Alone

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Nobody knows the Troubles of a Third-world Dictator...

First pancakes, then people.

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chilaxe says...

ForgedReality: "and I don't like seeing 800lb humans get out of a giant car taking up two handicapped spots that could have been used for normal people"

Haha. How dare you!!

Armed Raid on Raw Foods Co-Op in CA Leads to Owners' Arrest

Behind the Blueberry Fad-lies,huge profits & loads of sugar

Lion Wants to Om Nom Nom Baby

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Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Soft Drink Tax

chilaxe says...

In reply to this comment by blankfist:
@chilaxe, I agree, they shouldn't cost society anything. But isn't that the problem with the leftist agenda? They want socialized medicine so they can then tell you what is good for you and force you to obey. There's no freedom in that. I can one day see a society where exercise is compulsory for all men and women, young and old. I believe Hitler wanted the same thing. There, I Godwined it.

My sense of libertarianism and the overall political picture is this:
Conservatives like order.
Liberals like a soft world.
Libertarians like meritocracy.

In that sense, libertarians' principle of "freedom" is a means to an end (meritocracy), not an end in itself.

Freedom as an absolute principle also seems to have some limitations... Based on my experience in the cognitive sciences, I'd say it's very clear that the masses don't have brains like you and I, and they need to be guided in the sense of not giving them easy access to things that are 100% bad for them and the world, like cigarettes.

Also, the more controlled society becomes, the more people get uncomfortable with it, so it doesn't seem like the modern world is very likely to experience a slippery slope 50 years down the road based on small increments of increased control that make sense in the present day.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Soft Drink Tax

chilaxe says...


Isn't it good for all of us if irrationalists are made poorer, thus reducing their influence on society? People can find happiness or addiction in anything... they don't need to cut their lives short and cost society trillions in the long-term in otherwise unnecessary medical expenditures and lost labor.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Soft Drink Tax

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