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Structural Integrity Fail

Throbbin says...

Thank you Donan. It didn't sound like Mexican Spanish, so I figured it was Brazilian.>> ^DonanFear:

The way he tells off the producer (?) at the end tells me he's probably argentinean. Well, that and that he's speaking spanish with a distinct argentinian accent.

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Throbbin says...

Ahh, thanks man!

In reply to this comment by lucky760:
>> ^Throbbin:

Hey @<a rel="nofollow" href="" title="member since May 2nd, 2006 @ 13:01:45" class="profilelink"><strong style="color: rgb(0, 68, 255);">lucky760 something went wrong here. Both the original and the backup were youtube embeds, and both had embedding disabled. Did I invoke the backup wrong? Do Metacafe backups not work? What gives?

Yes, you invoked incorrectly. The syntax is *backup=[...snipped...] but you skipped the square brackets.

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Watermelon carving

LazyTown featuring Lil Jon - NSFW - So Wrong!

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Throbbin says...

Sorry about that dupe. That's the 4th or 5th dupe I've posted in a week. That dupe-checker just before submission is broken - nothing came up with this one, not even the other Carl Sagan vids.

Suburban Housewife - Weekend Rap

Throbbin says...

'Flavour' (with a 'U') in that while I keep the grass cut and the hedges trimmed, I occasionally host large, loud BBQ's that go way past midnight, I listen to loud music when I'm home alone and cleaning up, and I drive a big obnxious car with loud obnoxious music blasting from the stereo when I come home every day.>> ^rougy:

^ Flavor in the hybrid "sense" of the word?
Flavor in the ethnic edible goodies sense of the word?
Flavor in the doe-eyed love ya honey sense of the word?
I'm on pins and needles here!
1) I'd do her.
2) The tragedy of suburbia is that they can only envy finer neighborhoods while stealing (musically here) from lesser 'hoods.
3) The safer the neighborhood, the more boring the neighborhood.
4) The grass is always greener somewhere in my ass.

Suburban Housewife - Weekend Rap

Suburban Housewife - Weekend Rap

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