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Anthony Bourdain falls in love with Vietnam's street food

Sarzy says...

I'm seriously so bummed out right now. Celebrity deaths don't normally affect me so much, but as someone who loves to eat and to travel, Bourdain was an inspiration in so many ways. The world is definitely a worse place without him in it.

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A Burger Scholar Breaks Down Classic Regional Burger Styles

Sarzy says...

A few things:

A) You should read this article about American cheese:

It's not gourmet, but it gets a bad rap -- it's easily the best type of cheese for a certain type of cheeseburger.

B) Louis Lunch broils their burgers in a custom upright broiler they've been using since day one. Their burgers definitely aren't steamed.

C) Pressing burgers during cooking is a no-no, but pressing the beef onto the griddle before it starts cooking creates a magical layer of crust on the beef that you can't get through any other method.

artician said:

I grew up with grilled burgers. A tiny bit of BBQ sauce, mixed with a small amount of diced onions, and lots of black pepper, is gourmet to me.

This deep fried shit seems like just that, though interesting.

American Cheese, isn't. (Cheese, that is).

Pressing your burgers while cooking seems like amateur bullshit that only came about to produce hamburgers faster.

He says that "jacks lunch" in Middletown CT originated the steamed burger, but today "Louis Lunch" at 261 Crown St. in New Haven CT claims to have "Invented the Hamburger" altogether, (and they steam their burgers) so YMMV.

I also prefer to eat my burgers without condiments, because when they're actually cooked well it has the best method for bringing out the flavor of the meat. I couldn't imagine the flavor of a steamed burger being such, but I still hope to try it some day.

In recent memory, perhaps ever, Yarde Tavern in South Hadley MA makes the best burger I've had, to date.

Reference = My family owns a ranch, and I grew up with cattle, so red meat was the diet throughout my youth, and have a lot to say on the subject.

You haven't had cornbread till you've tried my cornbread

Sarzy says...

She seems like a really nice lady, but in what universe is cornbread you make from a mix "my" cornbread, and something you should boast about, no less?? Bizarre.

Crisis in the UK

Fantomas (Member Profile)

Fantomas (Member Profile)

3 guys travel 800km to buy McDonald's Pizza in West Virginia

How To Deep Fry A Steak

Sarzy says...

That's cool, but I think that's one of those "just because you could doesn't mean you should" deals. A big reason why battered and fried things are so tasty is the contrast between the crispy exterior and the tender/soft interior. Crispy and chewy isn't quite as appealing of a contrast.

NYC's Best Burger, Explained

Sarzy says...

I think a lot of people are down on American cheese based on its worst, cheapest variants. *Good* American cheese is, hands down, the best cheese for a cheeseburger. I mean, there's no debate there. It has a mild -- but not overwhelming -- cheesy flavour, and it has the perfect gooey consistency that melds with the beef in the best way possible.

artician said:

That's absurd. American "cheese"? What a waste.

Cuba's Flying Pizzas

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Le petit chef

Australians Try Outback Steakhouse For The First Time

Sarzy says...

Uh, it's just a cheesy gimmick. I don't think Outback even claims that their food is Australian, any more than the Rainforest Cafe claims their food is Amazonian.

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