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Creepy Training Video


RFlagg says...

While the editing does set things off, sadly, Bakker, Pat "what's this mac and cheese, is that a black person thing" Robertson, Jack Graham, and all their ilk are far from Poe's Law, and well into they truly believe this stuff. And so do the people who watch it, and remember they are FAR more reliable voters than any other group, and their numbers are legion. There's a reason why near 46% of American's believe the Earth to be 6,000 years old in accordance with the Bible, and among the white evangelicals that this ilk appeal to, it's 60%.

Now Mark Biltz (the guy who said he knew what day Adam opened his eyes in the Garden of Eden) is generally rejected even in most evangelical circles, so not sure why Bakker is giving him space to spread his message... though if it scares enough people into buying buckets....

What's scary is that Bakker still has a huge audience that trusts his teachings, even though we were just hours or days from a collapse whereby you wouldn't be able to buy food for six to twelve months way back in 2015... The things Bakker and Robertson have said to defend Trump and blast Obama over the years...

Fantomas said:

Poe's law is so strong in this video it's freaking me out.

How Food-Bots Are Changing How We Eat | Robots & Us | WIRED

How To Cook A Cheap Steak Vs. An Expensive Steak

RFlagg says...

I really dislike marinades. I want the steak. Pure. Simple.

I like Ribeye, but there ends up being so much thick fat cut to the side, that I feel I got ripped off, and my 12 oz steak is basically an 8 oz worth of edible meat, while the New York Strip gives more meat for the buck, and if done properly is normally good enough.

Burger Flippers Beware! Robots Are Here To Take Your Jobs!

RFlagg says...

Not sure why you need a bot to flip the burger. McDonald's uses a double sided grill that comes down on top of the burgers and cooks the top at the same time. You just need a way of moving the burgers from the storage, to the grill and from the grill to the holding trays, and insure the holding trays are emptied when the food expires (compared to the usual, just rotate and hope they sell before they technically expired)... based on my time in McDonald's you could also automate the fries, as the machine already dispenses the pre-measured amount into the basket, from there it would be easy enough to move that basket right into the fryer and then out and into the tray and salt them as needed.

How to Poop at a Party - PooPourri

Sweet Revenge

RFlagg says...

My fear is, that after this video went viral, if not before, she may have been fired for her actions.

I agree with others, that too many prank videos these days are more bullying than the Hidden Camera days of pranks and jokes... and I'm not saying the art form can't evolve, but there's a pretty clear line between prank and bully and way too many of these prank channels bully far more than they prank.

poolcleaner said:

i wish i was her manager so i could give her a goddamn raise, promotion, and letter of recommendation to corporate demanding they pay her tuition, provide a grant, a scholarship, whatever else corporate toolbags get that she don't got -- i dunno free executive level dental and health care? until that happened, i would sacrifice 100 oxen in hecatomb to her every night. it's really the least i could do with my father's oxen empire, if i was a fast food manager and heir to an oxen empire.

oritteropo (Member Profile)

oritteropo (Member Profile)

RFlagg says...

Yeah, that's the one. The thread got shut down for some reason, but I also wasn't a fan of the vertical video and sound quality and found what I thought would be a slightly better vid.

oritteropo said:

Was this the one that made reddit front page?

Second Cheapest Wine

RFlagg says...

Of course expensive wine is for suckers *related=

Soylent Commercial

RFlagg says...

I thought perhaps it was satire or something, but it seems to be a real product.... why would you name a nutritional supplement Soylent? I mean nobody during the naming stage pointed out the movie?

Flow Hive - Honey directly on tap from your beehive

RFlagg says...

@newtboy, I wonder about foulbrood in this sort of hive. Are you then out the full thing or can it be disenfected since it's plastic? Hive maintenance would still be a thing , people still need to pull the frames on occasion. It won't stop mites. Nosema and other fungai will probably be a bigger issue with this design. Foulbrood and other problems will still be around, as will colony collapse disorder.

Also where are the brood kept since splitting the frame like this seems like it'd kill the brood (okay that one is answered in the KS page and you still have a brood box that you have to supply on your own).

How well does it actually work? Is this all just clever editing and done at peak honey flow season? How well does it work in the fall? Why is Bush shown talking about it, but he himself doesn't mention it on his site? Sure he's selling his own hives and the like, but I'd think if he gave them an actual try I'd think he'd say something, competition or not. It looks

I worry that too many inexperienced people who don't research or care, will try this and perhaps make many bee pests and diseases worse as they won't research things out properly. They'll just buy this and think that's nearly all there is too beekeeping and infect other hives due to their sloppy methods.

That's How Rice Paper Is Made


Anthony Bourdain "One Night In Bangkok"

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