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Whale Fall Actively Devoured by Scavengers

The Rise And Fall Of Subway

Payback says...

Having pedophiles as spokespeople doesn't help. That IS true.

Only the highest government offices can get away with that.

Feeding a Shoe Chips Tik Tok

Man swallows a whole hot dog

Why This Anesthesiologist Quit

Sponge Or Bread

newtboy (Member Profile)

Payback says...

My mustang is a 73 convertible with a 351c.
I remember noticing its emission control ended with routing the PCV to the carburetor.

newtboy said:

You would love my jeep and bronco then, both early 70's v8s, with no catalytic converters.

Free food McDonald's hack

Remove Coke Can from Coke

No one tips at fast food places

oritteropo (Member Profile)

The Elevator | 2019 Super Bowl Commercial | Hyundai

"This is Your Brain on Drugs! Any Questions?"

Payback says...

I liked the version...

This is drugs...
This is your brain on drugs...
This is your brain on drugs with a side of bacon and hash browns...
Any orders?

Dog and Human play a serious game

Payback says...

Human moved it towards the dog. Belongs to dog now. There's 150,000 years of precedence available.


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