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Uses Rice to Show How Rich Jeff Bezos Is | NowThis

Uses Rice to Show How Rich Jeff Bezos Is | NowThis

Payback says...

With current property values, a millionaire is a successful small business owner. They really aren't the problem for the most part. In some cases, paying off your mortgage classifies you as a millionaire.

vil said:

Sure, why not.

Millionaires too?

Are you ready for this? Carolina Reaper Challenge.

The soul of a wolf.

Payback says...

Nice, carpeted stairs, 25 or 30 lbs of weight, guarantee not a single fuck was given afterwards.

The pup has a neurological condition, yes, his neurological system hasn't developed yet.

lucky760 said:

Oh no the poor doggy

Seems like it has some kind of neurological condition or something.

The Diet Soda Myth and Barriers to Good Research

God damnit Chug.

Payback says...

I've always found it funny that vegans never figured out that attacking people for their behaviour and/or beliefs will usually cause the victim to become more adamant. Like, I can almost agree with them, but being onside with arrogant, narcissistic blowhards makes me physically nauseous.

newtboy said:

I'll hazard a guess based on your comments that you're vegan. Please don't be a stereotype and food shame non vegans, especially if you're going to be fast and loose with facts to do it.

God damnit Chug.

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Sponge Or Bread

newtboy (Member Profile)

Payback says...

My mustang is a 73 convertible with a 351c.
I remember noticing its emission control ended with routing the PCV to the carburetor.

newtboy said:

You would love my jeep and bronco then, both early 70's v8s, with no catalytic converters.

Free food McDonald's hack

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