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MarineGunrock (Member Profile)

Napalm says...

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>> ^Napalm:

Wow, that was such a mind-blowingly articulate argument you posted there! You sure took me down a peg! Remind me to never have a debate with you!

Well if you can state your highly subjective opinion as fact then I can too. I just did it with fewer words.

I'm just kind of baffled someone can call Gears of War a "monumental pile of shit" with a straight face. Especially considering you yourself actually admitted the game was fun.
I qoute: "Yes, it was a fun game, if you like the constant non-stop shoot-em up types. The cover system is awesome, though. The camera work in the game is superb, the graphics are great, and yet didn't tax my system at all. The sound was awesome and the combat was very different with the cover system. You will die if you don't use it."

So basically you are complaining about a high price and non stop action.
I still don't see how that makes this game so terrible.

Jim Gaffigan - Food and Obesity

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