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10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer!

MycroftHomlz says...

With the fruit flies... Another trick is to fill a bottle with apple cider vinegar and then put a little soapy water in there. When the flies land on the surface the fly breaks the surface tension and falls in.

Tim's Place: The World's Happiest Restaurant

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Magic Pizza Reheat Method-Crispy Crust on Leftover/Delivery

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MycroftHomlz says...

You are just jealous.

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>> ^MycroftHomlz:

I totally carved this --->
Why does this not count?

This is a competition for "who can carve the best pumpkin this year" rather than "who has either a) carved the best pumpkin ever or b) found a photo of a great carving." Think of it as a block party where everyone gets together and compares actual pumpkins instead of just photos of pumpkins.

Plus, it (hopefully) encourages people to carve a great pumpkin just for the contest. I know I'm certainly motivated even though I'm not even eligible to win. :

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MycroftHomlz says...

Seriously, it is like I am speaking a foreign language sometimes. At least, I shut up the trolls for the most part.

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... just thought this should be restated... add some brackets, and remove the temporary tax-gifts to the wealthiest... no need to get excited... these numbers aren't net worth, just yearly income... this takes us back to the 90's... remember Saved-by-the-Bell? Yeah, the 90's,... see, its all going to be fine.

>> ^MycroftHomlz:

Here are the current tax brackets.
10% Bracket $0 – $8,500
15% Bracket $8,500 – $34,500
25% Bracket $34,500 – $83,600
28% Bracket $83,600 – $174,400
33% Bracket $174,400 – $379,150
35% Bracket $379,150
I think Buffet wants something like this,
10% Bracket $0 – $8,500
15% Bracket $8,500 – $34,500
20% Bracket $34,500 – $83,600
25% Bracket $83,600 – $174,400
30% Bracket $174,400 – $379,150

35% Bracket $379,150
40% Bracket $600,000
45% Bracket $1,000,000

LazyTown featuring Lil Jon - NSFW - So Wrong!

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Chef Martin Yan breaks down a chicken in 18 seconds

Armed Raid on Raw Foods Co-Op in CA Leads to Owners' Arrest

Pi Is (still) Wrong.

Thousands of fishermen empty lake in minutes

MycroftHomlz says...

In this day and age you think that the their local government or even the international community could set up sustainable farming so that maybe they could have fish when ever they wanted...

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