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Egg rice in 2 min

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Mordhaus says...


JiggaJonson said:


As someone who watches a LOT of kid's movies with my daughter, I notice an alarming regularity of torture in children's media.

You like Pixar movies, right? Pick a Pixar film, ALL of them have a torture scene. It's bizarre.

It's late, so I'll be succinct about these, but let's define torture as follows:
Torture - noun - the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or psychological suffering on someone by another as a punishment or in order to fulfill some desire of the torturer or force some action from the victim


This is a short list I can think of off the top of my head

Toy Story
Sid tortures Woody "Where are your rebel friends NOW?" as he burns his forehead

Toy Story 2
Stinky Pete tortures Woody "You can go to Japan together or in pieces. Now GET IN THE BOX!"

Toy Story 3
Buzz gets put in the "time-out chair" with a burlap bag put over his head and is forced to turn on his friends

Monster's Inc.
Mike is put in the "scream extractor" and is interrogated "Where's the kid?" as the extractor inches towards his face.

Wreck it Ralph
Ralph asks "What's going on in this candy coated Heart of Darkness?" Sour Bill tries to run away but Ralph picks him up and threatens to lick him. "I'll take it to my grave" "Fair enough" and Ralph pops Sour Bill in his mouth "Had enough?" "OKAY OKAY I'LL TALK!"

Cars 2
The green-gasoline in his tank, the spy car is put in front of the radiation shooting camera and is interrogated about who the other spy is and who has the information about the green gas he recovered that could unravel their plan to get revenge for being discriminated against for being "lemons." His engine explodes (he's killed?) in spite of giving up the information.

The Incredibles
Mr. Incredible is restrained via some black goop and asked about his family's whereabouts on the island.

Finding Nemo
Near the end of the film when Dory finds Nemo but Marlin has wandered off thinking Nemo was dead, they need to know which way Marlin went and come across the little crabs sitting on the pipe "heyyyyyyyyheyyyyyyyyyyheyyyyyyyy" "Yeah I saw where he went, but I'm not telling you, and there's no way you're gonna make me." Dory lifts him up and threatens to feed him to the seagulls sitting on a small rock until he starts screaming "OKAY ILL TALK ILL TALK HE WENT TO THE FISHING GROUNDS!!!"

I could go on, but I hope to make this simple point:
These films do NOT have to include a torture scene. It's simply odd to me that it appears so often, instilling the idea early on that torture works for getting information or cooperation out of people.

Finally, I point to one of many pieces of research on the matter

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Mordhaus says...


newtboy said:

Hold my beer and watch this....famous last words.
*promote ridiculous vehicles

It's a baby version of...

Still, ain't no truck-boat-truck.


Mordhaus says...

I, for one, am not trolling you. I agree that a vegetable based diet can have some healthy effects. I just do not see proof that it makes such a huge difference that it is a must follow plan. In addition, there are diets that limit the intake of certain proteins, like the Mediterranean diet, which have clearly shown to be just as effective as a non-animal based diet.

My major point of contention is that you are primarily posting videos that typically feature people or organizations that are WELL KNOWN for their tendency to overstate or blur the effectiveness of a Vegan diet. We are not herbivores, we are omnivores, and you can eat a protein restricted diet that is just as effective. But the PCRM and it's flunkies like Dr. Gregor would have you believe it is Vegan or nothing.

transmorpher said:

They aren't his claims though. That's what I'm trying to get you to understand.

You guys have to be trolling me, because I know you are smarter than this.

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Mordhaus says...

I think Dwight Schrute might like it.

newtboy said:

Thanks and thanks and thanks again...and what the hell, one more thanks for beet loaf. Not in the third circle of hell could such a fetid concoction be justly served.

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Mordhaus says...

triple thanks

newtboy said:

I hadn't seen cousin Sven's baby pictures in a long time. I'm guessing aunt Ortrude gave them all she had to put together this record of his development.
*doublepromote the emergence of a *quality relative

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