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The Donald's Bizarre Eating Habits

Januari says...

I despise almost everything about little Donny, he is an abhorrent human being.

The food he eats is absolutely as disgusting as he is... TO ME. Taste is entirely subjective. If that's how he likes his steak, that in no way effects me or this country. One of the silliest things we get hung up on.

North Korean Refugees Try American BBQ

North Korean Refugees Try American BBQ

Vegan accidentally eats cheese

Whole Foods Anti-gay Slur

My kids don't eat green things!

Master Chef Shows How To Make Noodles

Taint (Member Profile)

Januari says...

Rational, reasonable and completely realistic... well said...

Taint said:

I realize everyone is foaming at the mouth and positive of what happened here, but it should be noted that Israel denies hitting the hospital, and that the United Nations had not confirmed the source of the blasts.

Everyone wants to paint Israel like this giant monster, but things are being way overstated. Let's get serious. If Israel was embarking on a program of "ethnic cleansing" they could easily kill every last person in Gaza. Seems clear enough to anyone that this is not what they're trying to do.

If Hamas was in Mexico shooting rockets at Texas half the people shouting genocide at Israel would be wearing little yellow ribbons hoping our soldiers all come back safe from our Mexican invasion.

I have a hard time imagining, or believing, that anyone purposely bombed a hospital full of children. But I can easily believe accidents of all kinds will happen in a battleground the size of Detroit.

Listen To This 9 Year Old DESTROY Monsanto

Januari says...

Hate... Hate... Hate... THIS.

I'll be honest I didn't make it very far, and i might agree with a lot of what the little guy has to say. The problem is i don't believe for a second it's him saying it. Overly scripted, rehearsed and exploitative.

oritteropo (Member Profile)

Januari says...

Thanks for the information and the link to the article.

Sadly no they hold no national level positions in the legislature and i'd be very surprised if there were than a couple even at the state level. It is a relatively young party here in the US and i believe their focus is very much on the local level, such as town councils and mayors office.

The two party system you've heard about is largely the reality, though there are hundreds of parties. None hold any meaningful power on the national level, and even locally politics are dominated by the two.

oritteropo said:

It was 10pm, in Canberra, and there was one other senator present as well as the speaker. I've put a link to a newspaper report on the speech back in the video comments.

I didn't know there was an American Green Party... do they hold many seats? I've only ever heard the U.S. described as a two party system.

Chairman_woo (Member Profile)

Januari says...

Wow... that was like two weeks ago... yeah was WAY off on that 'overly sensitive' bit...

I admit i stopped reading at about 'untold suffering throughout the world'.... give me a break i'm trying to cut back...

Honestly hypocrisy, ignorance, drama-queen nonsense... and extraordinary delicate sensibilities... suffice to say we have nothing more to discuses...

Chairman_woo said:

(I also posted this reply on his profile not realising in case that causes any confusion)

My 1st post in that thread was intended purely to inform. Most people I meet who own dogs are painfully unaware of what I was describing and consequently foster futile behaviour and negative emotional outbursts around things their dogs do (the idea that everyone in that thread already knows about this is laughable). This is far from the biggest ill in the world but it's there and I saw an opportunity to present an alternative view of events in the hope that perhaps someone somewhere might learn something (or at least consider an idea rather than just mindlessly following social tradition). Where I learned that idea is irrelevant, it stands or falls on its own merits.

Your response garnered hostility because it was indistinguishable from saying "your spoiling our fun by trying to suggest that the animal might actually be terrified and confused and our fun is more important than someone/thing suffering". You didn't try to challenge what I said, you simply indicated some level of disdain for the fact I was even trying to say something intelligent, or because I didn't mindlessly jump on the "look at the terrified dog" bandwaggon like the rest.

Your damm right it was an emotional response, the attitude you displayed from my POV causes untold suffering throughout the world (and I don't just mean dogs which in the grand scheme of things is relatively harmless). If you read my reply again you'll see that at no point did I suggest you were disagreeing with me, I was insulting you precisely because you didn't even try, you just tried to indite me for trying to raise the level of the conversation. It was that and that alone that garnered my hostility, I'm happy to be proven wrong or even for people to switch off and ignore me but to give me flack just for trying I have little patience for.

You have clearly misunderstood my whole argument against you, if I were to take my own advice then I would either challenge your point (which I did) or accept that I didn't understand enough to try and counter intelligently.

What you did was insult me for just trying to make an intelligent argument. That is where the " little gem of "Fuck You"" came from.

Also it's no good getting on a high horse about me being "over sensitive" when you took the time to jump onto my profile and unleash a boatload of bile yourself. That argument would only have worked if you said it to yourself and got on with your life. But you didn't, you felt you had to give me a piece of your mind just like I did.
I'm not going to call you over sensitive, I'm just going to call you human because that's what you are, just like me ;-).

Edit: for the record that Bill Hicks quote refers to precisely the kind of anti-intellectualism I'm accusing you of. It was because an audience member objected to Bill trying to raise an idea above the trivial self interested level that they felt had been threatened. Or to put it another way Bill had spoiled their fun by trying to make an intelligent point rather than just wallowing in their own unconsidered ignorance. As far as I'm concerned it was entirely appropriate.

jan (Member Profile)

Chairman_woo (Member Profile)

Januari says...

You know i don't even normally reply to this trite and i'm certainly not going to hijack someone else's post to do it, but i'm also not going to let you off the hook.

First off my comment was intended as a VERY obvious joke about a silly video.

Maybe ask yourself why you were SOOOO threatened by such an innocuous comment? Or take your own advice and ignore it...

And because you (and almost EVERYONE else for that matter) regurgitate something you learned in psych 101 on to the forums of a website does not mean anyone is agreeing or disagreeing with YOU. YOU arn't a factor beyond being incredibly overly sensitive. I suspect most if not everyone in that thread is well aware of what you posted but was just having a little fun, as was I for that matter. But either learn to take your own advice... if it be from that quote, which to my mind applies to you far more than you seem to be aware, or to your other little gem of "Fuck You".

lucky760 (Member Profile)

Jesus Toasters are REAL

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