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Move over Kurzweil: Cronkite dispenses some future knowledge

GeeSussFreeK says...

Microwaves are non-ionizing radiation, lower frequency than Infrared significan shielding required

chingalera said:

This is a great find-(don't forget to vote for your own embed) The first microwaves were heavier and bulkier than most refrigerators of the time. Hate to imagine the shielding tech back then....probably at least 100 kg of lead!

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GeeSussFreeK says...

Indeed, haven't been as active these days. I pretty much decided to completely avoid all the political threads as I wasted to many brain cells of that kind of worry. I spend most of my days now indulging in nuclear science, as I am trying to head back to school for Nuclear Engineering. At any rate, hope your holidays go well sir, and have a happy Christma-Hanu-Rama-Ka-Dona-Kwanzaa!

chicchorea said:

Your are quite welcome.

It has been a long time...too long.

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How to open a can without a can opener

Science Bob shows you how much metal is in your cereal.

GeeSussFreeK says...

If you get a geiger counter and hold it up to a box of cereal like Total or Cheerios, the radioactive potassium is high enough to get it to go off more than you would expect

TDS-Pink Slime

GeeSussFreeK says...

>> ^TheFreak:

I have absolutely no issue with adding a highly processed, low fat, high protein meat by-product to my ground beef. At least it's actual animal protein and not some additive or filler that has no business being in food at all. Try checking your food labels for cellulose. Mmm...that's yummy!
And let's stop pretending they're marinating this meat in ammonia. The ammonia gas process to kill bacteria has been done to your food for about a hundred years.

I do support food technology, but there is a difference between something being completely safe and completely gross. Dirt might be completely sanitary to eat, or toilet boils to eat out of...sure is gross though.

How to Pour the Perfect Guinness from a Can

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Probably the best Fast Food Ordering "Prank" I've Seen

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