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Making chainsaw noises while cutting cheese

ForgedReality says...

WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING IT WITH YOUR BARE FUCKING HANDS!? That shit is gonna mold 10 times faster now, jackass. And it looks like it's already started to dry out due to your barbaric storage method.

But what more can be expected from someone who sprays spittle all over their food?

Maddening culinary abuse. >_<

"This is Your Brain on Drugs! Any Questions?"

Go, you're free...oh.

Anthony Bourdain falls in love with Vietnam's street food

Angry Man Threatens To Call ICE On Women Speaking Spanish

I had no idea cats liked bread this much

Adam Ruins Everything - The McDonald's Coffee Lawsuit

Cheeky McDonald's Drive Through

Why You Literally Can't Overcook Mushrooms

They F*ck You at the Drive-Thru!

ForgedReality says...

This kid is lucky as hell the driver isn't one of the many people who concealed carry, legally or otherwise. It doesn't take a lot to set some people off, and his punk bitch ass could end up on the business end of a tool of justice if he doesn't reel in his feelings.

Gordon Ramsay - How to slice a pepper

Easy way to dice an Oh-nyoh´╗┐

ForgedReality says...

The Amazon Appstore has a free app of the day thing, and one of them was a cool cooking app from Jamie Oliver. He dices an onion like a REAL boss. This dude doesn't do it nearly as well. I wish I could show you guys that specific video but I can't find it online, it's just in the app for my Android phone.

YOU have been opening packets of spaghetti wrong

ForgedReality says...

Uh.. I've always opened spaghetti that way. I thought that method was known by everyone.


Crazy brits.

The reason the internet was invented.

Saturday Night Live - Taco Town

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