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Artsy Rube Goldberg machine makes eggs, toast, coffee

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Macho Salad

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Grow your own food in a city: install a Windowfarm!

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Rjd2 has an awesome studio. And he bakes cobblers.

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EndAll says...

Fall is a time for change, it seems. I hope you settle in comfortably.
I've been okay myself, hunkering down for the winter, letting the beard grow out. I need to get a job though!

You should check out - Nigel Godrich just launched it, live shows of a wide range of fantastic artists. Andrew Bird is one, I believe. It's just a shame they're not embeddable!

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Just fine, thanks Ollie. Settling into my new bachelor lifestyle. Sorta weird sorta wonderfull. Occasionally quite sad. And yourself?

In reply to this comment by EndAll:
Cheers Schmawy! How've you been?

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