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youdiejoe (Member Profile)

Megyn Kelly Pepper Spray Thanksgiving

EDD says...

Can't stand Megyn Kelly, and I think her pepper spray comment was completely idiotic, but I also thought this video was immature and completely unfunny

Hybrid (Member Profile)

EDD says...

Cheers, mate, pretty much the same here. I've poured hundreds of hours, possibly even a thousand hours into the Elder Scrolls series, and I don't regret that (ummm... much), but currently other activities are taking up too much of my time. Activities such as still-too-little-sleep Maybe half a year from now, with all the fantastic mods that fans will have created... Maybe. High-five for mental resilience against this apparent gem of a game though!

In reply to this comment by Hybrid:
Thanks for the quality. It is an incredible looking game... even though I've yet to play it... and probably never will - I'm not sure I want to lose that much of my free time

In reply to this comment by EDD:
I haven't played a minute of Skyrim - not yet.

As I clicked on the Play button, I glanced at the 8:20 length, and thought, "No way in hell I'm going to watch all 8-minutes uninterrupted, not with my attention-span."

Boy, was I wrong. *quality

JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

Ketchup Bot accurately adds condiments to any fast food

nomino (Member Profile)

EDD says...

I've wanted to tell you this for a long time: your average votes-per-video is just... well... ME GUSTA. I haven't really been browsing users' profiles much in the past year, but if memory serves, you must be second among top 100 Sifters, right after the sifting monstrosity that is @theaceofclubz, right?

chicchorea (Member Profile)

Zyrxil (Member Profile)

Kevlar (Member Profile)

The Truth About Japanese Food

The Truth About Japanese Food

Swimming Scallops !

JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

EDD says...

Sorry, no: there's an overlap, the two are not mutually exclusive. VS's been through this before, but I just don't have the time to look for that discussion atm; trailers were declared a sub-category of *commercial.

In reply to this comment by JiggaJonson:
It's not like a commercial you'd see on TV. Trailers are separate entities where if you had the two words side by side in an attempt to describe this video people would 100% of the time pick trailer.

In reply to this comment by EDD:
Looks completely awesome. Plus, the last time Carrey mixed dark comedy and hearbreak we got Eternal Sunshine.

btw, a trailer = *commercial

xxovercastxx (Member Profile)

EDD says...

Very nice of you to mention this. James Roe isn't completely inactive, as far as I know, and edeot is on active service in Iraq since beginning of summer, so I hope he'll be back in some months' time.

In reply to this comment by xxovercastxx:
Maybe instead of resurrecting banned members we should be hunting down appreciated members who left and trying to get them to return.

pigeon (who just might have left due to being profile-stalked by ant, it seems)
james roe

Fusionaut (Member Profile)

EDD says...

Thanks Like I said, it was completely spontaneous and not pre-meditated - I had never cussed at a teacher before (and as far as I can remember, never did afterwards). There never was an episode like it during the rest of my time in grade school, so it's obviously the first thing that came to mind. I'm still unsure why exactly it made her stop, though..

In reply to this comment by Fusionaut:
Best story ever! It's what everyone wished they did in school!

In reply to this comment by EDD:

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