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marinara (Member Profile)

BoneyD says...

Sorry, totally late response here Need to check comments more often!

Thanks though, and yes there should be such a club, though I imagine Dr Drew would ridicule that too.

In reply to this comment by marinara:
better said than I could say.
is there a club for sifters with angry cartoon avatars?

In reply to this comment by BoneyD:
@<a rel="nofollow" href="" title="member since April 8th, 2009" class="profilelink">longde His first question to her after asking why she didn't have faith in the government's version of events over Bin Laden was, "are you an anarchist? Are you a socialist?". She explained her position logically and sited examples as to why she might be right, yet by her questioning of official accounts, Cindy's political views are called in to question?

I for one think they did kill Bin Laden, since for him to show up alive later would be very embarrassing. But questioning that doesn't mean someone's character should be assassinated. These questions about her marriage break-up and how her cause has kept her from her children were hardly genuine inquiries after her health. Drew was impugning her abilities as a responsible parent and 'dutiful wife', just like they did with the Occupy mother.

Know a hit-job when you see one.

ponceleon (Member Profile)

BoneyD says...

I wanted to apologise for the offence caused by my comment, it was unfair to judge people for their own reactions to his death when I still haven't figured out my own. This whole affair has not felt like the celebratory event it seems like it should be and I'm still trying to figure out why.

On the one hand I'm very pleased that he's finally dead and that they did it without destroying half of Pakistan. On the other, the idea that our answer to every problem nowadays is to strike, bomb, kill... it just makes me feel sick. This post someone made on Reddit puts to words better than I can how I feel, but I can recognise that there must be a huge measure of catharsis over Bin Laden's death for the nation that he struck.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I do again apologise.

EDD (Member Profile)

BoneyD says...

This looks exactly the sort of thing I was talking about, it looks brilliant. I must get a hold of this! Thanks tons.

In reply to this comment by EDD:
Have you seen Trine?

It's an absolutely gorgeous puzzle platformer with heavy emphasis on physics that was recently released to rave reviews. I finished it a couple of days ago - and loved it, loved it, loved it Highly recommended.

In reply to this comment by BoneyD:
I've long thought that with the advances in computer software/hardware/etc. that they should make an old platformer style game (which remains a very playable and entertaining game style) with berserk graphics quality.

Sure, there's been some really great 3D FPSs and third person person games made... but with the reduced requirement on processing for that depth dimension, imagine the possible quality of a sidescrollers we might've seen!

I'm very glad to finally be seeing some of these emerge with something approaching mainstream appeal. I really hope this genre makes a very solid comeback and that games can be judged by more than just their polygon counts.

12642 (Member Profile)

BoneyD says...

Hi Razz, great first post with your Darwin vid!

I dug around a little and found that the original YouTube poster had already set up a playlist for this (here).

You can use the embed code from that page (below) and it will make a nice player for all parts of the video for you:

Edit: Looks like you've been beaten to the punch on it unfortunately, BycicleRepairMan posted it a little earlier:

theaceofclubz (Member Profile)

BoneyD says...

No worries. And thanks for the promote on the ID video! I was pleasantly surprised when I switched to the main page.

In reply to this comment by theaceofclubz:
Thanks man, I never would have figured out why people weren't voting for it if you hadn't mentioned that.
In reply to this comment by BoneyD:
Hi Ace,

Your vid seems to have been embedded for the next video in his playlist (one about Ronald Regan's kid). It must've ticked over to the next when you got the embed code or something... Anyways, thought you should know

theaceofclubz (Member Profile)

marinara (Member Profile)

BoneyD says...

Holy toledo, congrats on the Gold star mate You've put up great political vids over the months, which i've enjoyed thoroughly.

Well done and keep up the good work!

jonny (Member Profile)

BoneyD says...

Sorry I hadn't checked my profile in days

Thanks for finding that Jonny, it looks like they picked the one that it was originally (though it was so long ago). Your other links are great to have in the post too.

In reply to this comment by jonny:
hey - I found some possible fixes for dead vid, but I'm not sure which one is the best fit.

full talk:

marinara (Member Profile)

BoneyD says...

Thanks mate

I had never heard of him till a couple of months ago, but I like his abrupt and straight-to-the-point attitude towards reporting. He certainly has no love at all for the mainstream media, and is not afraid to show it!

He's very worldly too, speaks fluent French and a little Arabic also. Try looking up some of his older work on YouTube, if you've not done so already. He really does know his stuff about the Middle East.

In reply to this comment by marinara:
almost didn't stop and watch

but i took a chance and enjoyed it once I got accustomed to robert fisk

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