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$1 to $1,000 Pizza in Times Square

Serving McDonalds to food experts?

Flow Hive - Honey directly on tap from your beehive

BicycleRepairMan says...

By the way, this kickstarter is going fast! Yesterday there was about 1000 out of 5000 full $600 packages sold, today its 2000+ sold. So if you want a cube , I suggest you get going within the next 7 days.. I ordered mine yesterday. Too bad their estimated shipping is december, but I guess that gives me some time to prepare for next spring/summer!

Flow Hive - Honey directly on tap from your beehive

Reefie (Member Profile)

BicycleRepairMan says...

You are probably aware of it, but: The math in your avatar is wrong, 2(a-b)=a-b does not imply 2=1 but is equal to 2x0=0

You could use any number in place of 2 here, since you are multiplying with 0 ie:

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Playable Angry Bird Cake

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BicycleRepairMan says...

With regards to my previous message, I was merely explaining my position and reasoning, please don't take it the wrong way, and I understand why you don' want to waste any more time or effort on this issue.

It is difficult to determine what is appropriate for any given channel, I run the debunked channel, and I'd hate to turn it into a political channel, for instance, but then again , where to draw the line, and why? Take, for instance the new Portal 2 trailer, Portal is a game that plays with science and experiments, but really, it doesnt have anything to do with actual science. In the recent Hitchens video "it does not follow" Hitchens talks about scientific discoveries to be sure, but is it science or an opinion-piece?

Food Ad Tricks - Making A Commercial Burger

Kreegath (Member Profile)

BicycleRepairMan says...

>> ^Kreegath:
The way he emphasizes his speech is also annoying, how it appears that he thinks every single thing he says is some kind of fundamental truth no matter how mundane a topic or point he brings up..

Well, just about everything he ever talks about is some kind of fundamental truth about the world we live in, I can sympathize with your objection to how he talks, but if you can stand it, or ignore its peculiarity, I strongly recommend his TEDtalks lecture on the Large Hadron Collider , one of the best presentations I have ever seen. Enjoy, if you can

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BicycleRepairMan says...

Nope, sorry i DID beat you to it, I've posted the series by Dawkins that aired august 4 and 11 2008, I uploaded both the day after they where aired (ie: shortly after they hit the net)

just check the contents of our posts
My post:
Your post:

Since this is your first post, and its a GREAT post , I'll leave it alone for now,I hope you post more science videos, and anyone interested in science is most welcome on my part

Welcome to VideoSift, I'm sorry I get all picky at our first meeting
In reply to this comment by razz:
You didnt beat me to it my friend, you uploaded the first series, I uploaded the 2nd...they're two completely different episodes

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