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cloudballoon (Member Profile)

BSR says...

Still got the world on your shoulders I see.

Why did you decide to be Christian?

cloudballoon said:

To elaborate, it's more like "I hate the feeling stirring inside me (frustration, exacerbation, etc) whenever I hear those people offering thoughts and prayers"... but hey... my fault for not being clear.

You're right thought, we just shouldn't be hateful towards fellow beings. But I think there's legit room to hate evil deeds.

But man...I don't know... I live in Canada and I just feel Christians as a group is vastly different from what I see in the US. I can't stand those loud "Evangelicals" in bed with Trump and the Republican. What Christian values that those Republicans stand up for that's enough for US Evangelicals to be kept silenced or down-right condone of all the non-Christians deeds they're doing to this world or the USA? Cynically, if I'm forced to vote for the "lesser of two evils" then it's the Dems any day. Things in the USA is so twisted, it is a circus horror show.

newtboy (Member Profile)

BSR says...

I'm not sure those targets are very bright on their own.

newtboy said:

...but they do mark people as targets...illuminated targets.

surfingyt (Member Profile)

newtboy (Member Profile)

BSR says...

Cave Johnson has his own lemon brand??

Any of the lemon party pics I've seen did not include Cave. I did have a girlfriend once that swore she knew one of them.

newtboy said:

Shots?!....that requires treatment with thermite..or Cave Johnson brand lemons. Fight fire with hotter fire!

Side note....does Cave Johnson get invited to many lemon parties?

Squirrel Burying Cheeto

Meet the Ice Men of Mumbai's Largest Fish Market

newtboy (Member Profile)

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

BSR says...

You are here for him now, Moe. Keep him alive and help others as he helped you. Make his passing your strength. You have the torch now. You let him into your heart. Take good care of him. You are not alone.

Mordhaus said:

Going to be afk for a few days. I am really fucking bummed out right now, just heard on the radio that one of my favorite musicians committed suicide.

I suffer from anxiety and depression, so I kind of have a sense of the thoughts that might have led to his suicide. It just fucking sucks that someone couldn't be there for him the way that he and the band were there for me during some of my dark times in the 90s/2000s.

Animanimals: Ant

newtboy (Member Profile)

newtboy (Member Profile)

BSR says...

Ahhh. Much better. Thanks for the extra effort.

It's true. People rarely get what they deserve. That's why love is at the top of my list.

I see people grieve everyday. Some more than others. People feel betrayed by love because until they lose someone they love and who loved them, love becomes the thing of intense evil.

Suddenly they wonder what they did to deserve the pain they suffer. Feelings of being tricked and it can't possibly be true. Love is not supposed to take you there. You feel as though you must have had the wrong idea and everyone else got it right but you.

You feel alone. Very alone. Frightened. Insanity starts to creep in. Everything now has different meaning. Suicide becomes an option not only because of the pain but because you have gotten others to follow you down that road and will they be able to handle it? You feel trapped.

You start looking through the bible you wrote for yourself. The rules you wrote to live by. Did I have sympathy for others? Did I help others when I could have? Did I judge or did I understand?

There is only one way out. You must continue to love knowing the pain that you may lead others to. That's what music is all about. That's where music lets you know you're not alone. You did the the right thing and suddenly you can hear the voices of those who led you to where you are. They knew you were coming and they are now there to catch you. You crossed through the pain of hell into a world where you were loved all along and never believed it.

It's in every song ever sung. Every poem ever written. Every movie ever made.

The broken hearted. The bleeding hearts. The lovers. The artists. The creators.

So.... If you could just work that into a song, that would be greaat.

newtboy said:

People rarely get what they deserve.

Eating banana in 1 second...

BSR says...

I know what you mean. Should not win a new world record for swallowing a banana without a full set of teeth. I call cheating.

AeroMechanical said:

Scruffy looking man with no teeth can swallow a banana whole in less than one second, setting new world record and making young heterosexual males feel inexplicably but deeply uncomfortable.

JiggaJonson (Member Profile)

BSR says...

Oh the anger, the anger.

These movies are targeted toward children and also adults. Mostly children.

Children can and want to relate to the heros. Take Woody for example. The kids love Woody. They understand all of Woody's happy times and sad times. All his strengths and weaknesses. Woody is a lot like them. By design, the kids are Woody.

When Woody gets tortured, kids are very sensitive to that. Some kids more than others relate all to well. Those kids are the ones that these movies are reaching out to. The ones that see the horrors of dad beating mom. Spanking. Bullies at school. Handicapped children. On and on.

Because kids love Woody they know he understands their pain and fear. Woody has relatable problems and Woody is going to show them how to cope in deep ways that they can understand.

They understand Woody has great friends that can help him. And Woody would do anything to help his friends.

Sometimes if you look at something and see only bad, don't let anger get in the way of finding the good.

JiggaJonson said:

I could go on, but I hope to make this simple point:
These films do NOT have to include a torture scene. It's simply odd to me that it appears so often, instilling the idea early on that torture works for getting information or cooperation out of people.

Finally, I point to one of many pieces of research on the matter

newtboy (Member Profile)

BSR says...

"Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians love their children too" -The Police

newtboy said:

What's common imo?...a desire for more for those you love.

newtboy (Member Profile)

BSR says...

I know how to keep people together no matter how far apart.

Remember when I asked you about finding the common thread?

I believe you told me you were looking for the differences in the cultures.

Did you push all the differences aside to reveal what was common?

newtboy said:

So you build walls out of love? Interesting.

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