Winner of the Cooking Channel Cuntess, TBA..NOW!

Results are eaten, there are leftovers that the dogs' have there noses up counter-height for, thanks to all 3 enthusiastic internet masturbationists who took the time to indulge this heart-warming exercise in benevolent gustrosity.
My whim, as always, Is your low-grade entertainment. So without further interest or adieu, Below are results of the contest, the criteria presented here for your edification having been concocted on-the-fly and please, no protests or suggestions with a view to some revision of the same need be suggested or otherwise elaborated upon..(see internet masturbation).

The judge's (single, disinterested, and hungry third party) criteria were as follows:

Smack Your Mother Good

Chicken Alla Bachelor-7
Filipino Eggrolls-5

Overall Mojo

Chicken Alla Bachelor-4
Filipino Eggrolls-6


Chicken Alla Bachelor-4
Filipino Eggrolls-6

Immediate and Complete Gustatory Experience


Chicken Alla Bachelor-6
Filipino Eggrolls-6

-Satiate on all receptors on tongue (salt,sour,sweet,bitter,savory)
Chicken Alla Bachelor-3
Filipino Eggrolls-5

t o t a l s
Chicken Alla Bachelor-26
Filipino Eggrolls-28

Looks like the winner of the foray would have a total of 30 out of a possible 50, dytopiafurtdy wins with 30 pernts- pumpkinandstorm a close second and 2 points behind, with sheppard's guy-pie chicken-cheese heart-stopper (which I tweaked and was delicious and rich as FUUCK!) in third with a slopping, 26 points.

Thank you all for playing, image links as I update this and one video already out there of the winning recipe during preparation.

P.S>>> The footage I have of the egg rolls will come after editing the 5 vids together from the drunken foray. Pics on my flicker page of all dishes before 7am GMT 3 Feb.

*edit 1:39 A.M. CST 2013 Feb 4

☝ ☝ ☝ ☝ ☝ The edited egg roll excursion, complete with 2nd place fanfare-Feel free whoever would or cares to , sift away-You Tube let us back in with a yay-hoo account.

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