So when did they start selling air to us?

Years ago, I saw an episode of "Late Night with David Letterman" while it was still on NBC, and he had a food engineer on showing how they make marshmallows. I remember distinctly, as he was showing Dave how they extrude the corn syrup-mallow mixture into a tray of cornstarch, the engineer saying that marshmallows were excellent business as the finished product can be anywhere between 50% - 70% air. So you're really selling air back to the customer. Wow, I thought, that's messed up. But hey, they're marshmallows, what are you going to do?

It wasn't until last year that I saw Doritos had reintroduced Taco-flavored Doritos on the store shelves and I snatched one up the second I saw it. I guess they're still available in some parts of the US, but the majority of markets only carry the standard Nacho, Cool Ranch, etc. Sadly, it was still that shitty "Taco Bell recipe" they had switched to in the early 90's and not the scrumptious original sour creamy recipe that the original Taco Doritos had. If you were a stoner in the late 80's and had access to them, there was no finer munchy material to be had. (And on a separate note, Hi-C Ecto Cooler is still the ultimate cottonmouth killer, bar none.)

But more importantly, as I started in on this new found bag of Doritos, something else was amiss. The texture was all wrong. It was no longer a corn chip, but a puffy, flaky abomination that had no density. And it wasn't just Taco flavored. All Doritos...nay, ALL chips have seem to become more flaky, crispy and crappy. I started to see it in other foods too. Cereals...from Fruit Loops to Cheerios, even to Cap'n Crunch (which was puffy to begin with), have all become less and less about texture, and more and more about profit. Less material to make the "same" product, all the way down to less cost to ship based on weight (I assume). Even bread. Now I know you can still get a nice dense potato bread; I'm talking about your average, run of the mill bread. White or wheat.

Anyway, not sure that anything can be done about it, but I sure do miss the old stuff.
Progress marches on, right?

(Oh and just in case some poor Nestle executive stumbles upon this post, what happened to my Carnation Instant Breakfast bars damnit?!)

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