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siftbot says...

Congratulations on reaching new heights on VideoSift. You have earned yourself 67 stars, earning you status of Gold Star member. You have been awarded 1 Power Point for achieving this level. Thanks for all your contributions.

silvercord says...

Avast me mateys! Deputy the Scurvy Dog and his crew have shot across the bow. They suppose the top spot is theirs by right (the bilge rats). Aye, but it's time to hang 'em out to dry on the yardarm. C'mon me hearties and fight like the Rock 'n' Roll pirates ye be! 500 posts is just across the bay and the top spot, by God, can be had if the ship bands together, posts and votes. Summers are made for sailin' the fair seas and pillagin' and most of all ROCK AND ROLL! So, hoist the Jolly Roger and sail with the tide.

Ahoy, Mates!
Zifnab! Swampgirl! Michie! Koshmar! Arrendek! Winkler! Sometimes! Grspec! Choggie! Lisacat! Raven! Sbchapm! Firefly! Bizinichi! Calvados! Farhad! Bicyclerepairman! Deano! Spiff! Intangiblemeg! Dotdude! Krupo! Redthing! Benjee! Deathcow! Woland! Eric3579! Thedeusmachine! Lurgee! Maudlin! Eden! Vidimeister! Gwaan! James Roe! Fletch! Pigeon! Ladybug! Youdiejoe! Gorgonheap! Rembar! Lunkwill! Wumpus! NordlichReiter! Constitutional_Patriot! Looris! NickyP! Lucky760! Wildmanbill! SilentPoet! Megaweapon! Waxwing_slain! Bamdrew! JAPR! Doremifa! Omnithrope! Superganja23! Fedquip! Anea! Lucasgreen! Marinara! Fastfret79! Dog! Coupland! Oohahh! Pyrex! Pho3n1x! Swinginpagan! Joedirt! Dag! Plastiquemonkey!

Sail ye sea beasts! Sail! Hail to Cap'n MLX and bow to none! ARRRRR!

grspec says...

bah, shit happens, it just pissed me off becuase thats why i thought you downvoted it. I don't slap videos in channels just to get more votes, i do it becuase i think it goes there.

No biggie and thanks for the apology.

In reply to your comment:
sorry bout that. probably shouldnt have downvoted...
i think i just took that video being in the parody collective a little too seriously at the time... again i apologize

In reply to your comment:
wtf is with the downvote? is chalk art offensive to you?

In reply to your comment:
what imitation and what humorous effect?
good video, but this definately does not belong in the parody collective

sbchapm says...

Well, it did die in cue as I thought it might, but that baby has such a place in Internet videos for me and others I think. Later.

In reply to your comment:
hah, so you noticed. I might save it later

In reply to your comment:
This is the kind of baby that gets a negative vote and a favorite from the same voter. Powerful baby.

pyrex says...

Yeah I've only really been using the Firefox VideoDownloader extension for a while, but only really for saving the stuff I _know_ I'll one day want to take a look back at or share with friends. Makes me feel.. comfortably cool? :-P Just sad that we're forced to create backups of already-diminished-in-quality videos because one corporation or another is afraid we may spread them illegally/their brand misinterpreted/whatever the hell their justification.

In regards to individual users; it's entirely up to them of course, though I can't help but feel like they're making the same mistake as the corps; failing to see that YES we know whoever posted this on their blog or site isn't the actual owner of the video, but the source is always unquestionable (just click on the video embed, yo!)

Ugh, sorry, just a peeve of mine in these days of.. confusing legalism and bureaucracy.

In reply to your comment:
Yeah it took me a while to backup all 70ish. But now that I've caught up, I just post two three videos at a time, and do backups of them at the same time I post em. Its routine now

Theres many websites that let you download the actual video file, like .. But I just use a python script to fetch em. No difference, just makes me feel cooler

Then theres those people who like disabling embeds, like the tiger squirt video. Don't really know whats up with that. Like you said, it must be some kinda silly arrogance. Its stupid if you ask me

pyrex says...

Oh right, yeah that was probably Silvercord, sorry. A lot of users seem to be providing "third party" services to VS lately, hehe.

Anywho, keeping backups is probably a good idea, but do you really have copies of your 70-ish posts? If so, yowza(!). I just talked to Farhad the other day about what kind of stuff was removed by Viacom, and some of it is just unbelievable. He mentioned an Uzbek music video he posted; gone done disappeared. WHY?!

In reply to your comment:
Well, I think that was Silvercord, but I can't be too sure, who posted in SiftTalk. He was offering some sort of free for all youtube account where you could upload yourself. Anyhow, I tend to keep backups of all my videos in case Viacom goes insane. You know that pizza baseball video got taken down? It just drives me nuts that I didn't make a backup of it! gah

pyrex says...

Ah excellent! Didn't you post about that in Sift Talk a while ago? Anyway, a great service to keep in mind. In this case I was lucky enough to find an exact duplicate of the YouTube video on GVid which didn't have the embed disabled.

Fun note: the GVid version was published September 2006, while the YouTube post was upped November 2006, and it's THAT post which is now getting attention around the web. Just feels like the YouTube poster was being a little arrogant in disabling the embed on it. Whatever, in this case, I suppose :-P

In reply to your comment:
if you need to upload the videos on youtube that are disabled embeds, just give me a holler. I'll download the flv and reupload it into my own youtube account and enable embed with little or no quality loss

The YouTube post had disable embed code, but the Google Video version did not. However, the YouTube version had the above + more.

Additional info here.

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