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billpayer says...

Saw a doc about this.
Treating your workers well increases their productivity for sure.
And that's great when there is abundance.
But if there is shortage, the land owners no longer want all the thousands and thousands of happy workers to share their food and resources with.

EDIT: Found it..


Yogi said:

This is nothing new especially. There's a lot of literature about social engineering. That if you spend a little money on things like childcare for your employees they'll work harder for you. Same with making the workplace just more enjoyable. They'll work harder and have an investment in their workplace so it makes sense to treat them nicer. Make them feel like they belong with significant things rather than just propaganda about how we're all a corporate family bullshit. People don't fall for that, unless they're already really indoctrinated.

In many cases though corporations won't do something like that even though it'll make them more money. Why? Because there would be giving up some control. It's not all about money, it's also about controlling your workforces.

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dystopianfuturetoday says...

Well said.

Yogi said:

I've been seeing it more and more and I really don't understand. I've heard it explained before as something akin to Government power or Corporations. In essence it's not enough to get 90% or even 99% of your way. You need 100% or you're complaining about how unfair everything is. Especially people in power do this more than anyone, they believe that they are the protagonists of their story, so if they're not getting everything then they're getting nothing.

It's certainly weird but you see this most recently with the Bankers or Wall Street people complaining that they're being hammered by Obama or attacked by the media too much. When they get 90% if not more of their way done, which is why the banks are even bigger now than they were before and we're heading for an even bigger crash.

You also look to how easy it is to get a message out there. Those who have access to the media so readily don't see how they are dominating the headlines, they only see how much they've given up. It's a weird delusion.

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