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newtboy says...


TheFreak said:

Except, this time the armed public seems to be joining the tyrannical government as it turns away from the constitution.

So now any 17 year old with patriot fantasies and enough allowance money to buy a weapon becomes a constitutional scholar who can decide what's best for the country? I'd rather rely on our constitutional checks and balances. Even though current events are revealing flaws that can be exploited by a determined political faction, it's better than an angry, propagandized, armed mob.

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BSR says...

We can only hope they realize they are starting it with their grandchildren's future. But then again there is always that meteor with our name on it.

Where are all the superheros when you need them? Welcome to the machine.

TheFreak said:

It's an awesome machine.

Seriously though, is this the best we can do with that engine? What's with the ecological disaster every time it's started?

Maybe we could replace the engine with a forest fire.
It would be less polluting if they just ran it with an oil spill.
If only they can figure out how to start it by clubbing baby seals.
Instead of a pony engine can we just inject children with cancer?

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mizzanonymous says...

[author flagged as a spammer - redacted]

TheFreak said:

Fuck yeah!! We don't need social programs and this is so much easier than figuring out health care.

I know that when I'm faced with tough economic choices in my family budget I just say, 'Fuck It', pull my kids out of college and buy myself a truck load of guns.


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