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PlayhousePals says...

Sooooo true. I almost commented on the YT video about how he wouldn't even recognize it anymore. I am sad and disgusted at the unfortunate change of scene over the decades.

Payback said:

At the end, he wishes Seattle would "take him back". I think he means the Seattle of the 90s. It's a lot different now, thanks to Corporate America discovering there's money to be vacuumed up.

siftbot says...

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siftbot says...

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newtboy jokingly says...

I'm not a hippy, I'm just seriously anti social and a cheap bastard. I love what my dad said in the 80's, cell phones are for people so unimportant that they can't afford to miss a phone call.

Payback said:

No cell phone???

Please. I'm a Luddite, not a damn hippy.

newtboy jokingly says... either? I thought I was the only one left. I still have no cell phone either.
Luddite and proud!

Payback said:

God damn I feel SO superior never having used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything else.

My friends know how to get a hold of me. Everyone else can go fuck themselves.

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