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NordlichReiter says...

The truck painting video comment.

I try to post things with backup for what I say, but I couldn't find that episode on intertubes.

It does make me wonder how many scare tactics that get tossed in the trash for unhappy endings.

alien_concept says...

You are like, so fucking cool

In reply to this comment by Raaagh:
>> ^hotlava646:
"One religion"
America can't even have a Christmas Tree in public anymore because of the other religions and groups.

Thats terrible - one less legit reason to rain down fabulousness and tinsel on an otherwise standard, straight up and down tree.

"Single parent"
That single parent is biologically related, not someone off the street.

Word yo. Tell the limp wristies how it is. I really admire your ability to cut to the core of the issue. Thats why it hurts so much to tell you you're adopted.

You have the right to move out of America, but is the only country that can support you, that is why you whine like a girl, er guy, er girl.

Yeah, thats right - America is the only sovereign nation that would support you. Here in Australia we eat gays (Burger King over here is called Hungry Jacks, named after Hugh Jackman, who fucking LOVES nothing more to gob down on the gay man).

God why cant people see the wonderful world HoooootLava, number 646, is painting?

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