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Lola Bunny's A Babe

newtboy says...

Toss em both to the curb, I'm team Jessica for life.

StukaFox said:

Oh, FUCK that whore rabbit! If we wanted slutty bunnies, we'd call R. Crumb!

People want their bunnies pure, and full of spunk!

(sooOOOOoo much spunk...)

That's why Lola Bunny is a complete slut compared to the perfection that is JUDY FUCKIN' HOPPS!

Judy Hopps doesn't fool around with sports! NO -- her job is to KICK ASS (and start the occasional race war). She whupped a rhino's ass! She whooped a cheetah's ass! She whupped BATMAN'S ass! Just LOOK at that gorgeous rabbit, with her long ears, twitchy nose and the kinda wide hips that are just made for grabbing and . . . uhh . . .

Have I mentioned the spunk?

Oh, she is FULL of spunk! She's just DRIPPING with so much spunk! And it's not rabbit spunk -- none of that for HER! It's FOX spunk she's dripping with! What an amazingly spunky bunny! She fulla so much spunk, she just can't contain it -- and I have the pictures to prove it!

(sooOOOO many pictures...)

I wanna state for the record, right here and now, that I am in no way, shape, or form, a Furry in a manner which is legally disprovable by my attorney. My turgid passion for Judy Hopps is purely platonic in the opposite meaning of that word.

Seriously, fuck Lola -- JUDY HOPPS FOREVER!!!!

50 cal ricochet close and personal

50 cal ricochet close and personal

Mordhaus jokingly says...


newtboy said:

Wow, millimeters from being a snuff film.

This is why backboards are angled with the top closer to the shooter in proper ranges, ricochets are deflected towards the ground, not back at the shooter, and not randomly up and away.


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