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Town Hall Zoom Meeting - SQUIRREL!!!

Buttle says...

If you can't hear the dialog at first, do not turn up the sound. Instead just observe Checkhov's baseball bat leaning against the wall.

bobknight33 (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

So if a State cheated -Its official?

Democrats tried to stop the Bush count and also the Trump count.

But when Republicans try to stop the Biden count you cry like little bitches.

So now we are at the point that IF a state cheats it counts. Brilliant.

newtboy said:

Yesterday, 203 Republicans voted against the bill that Democrats passed in the House which would "amend the 1887 Electoral Count Act to remove any doubt that the vice president's role in counting Electoral College votes is simply ministerial. It would lift the threshold for members of Congress to force a vote on discounting presidential electors from just one member of the House and the Senate each to one-third of both chambers. And it would require governors to send electors to Congress for the candidate who won, based on state law set before Election Day, which cannot be retroactively changed."

Apparently electing the winners of elections is something that Republicans are now unambiguously publicly on the record as being against…which means a majority of your party is purely and undeniably anti democracy.

When will it be too much for you? Ever?

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