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Ragdoll Man

who says a time lord can't be a woman?

Man saws his AR15 in half in support of gun control

John Oliver - Parkland School Shooting

notarobot says...

I visited a sports store during my last visit to the states. Their rifle section was about 15-feet from their basketballs. Weapons that can be used to kill a deer, or a child dear to you, are just a few feet away from section that sells jump-rope and sports socks with bunnies.

As long as firearms are normalized by being sold in the same store and non-bullet sports, I don't see things changing.

Of course, this is just my view as an outsider who can't escape American media.

Man saws his AR15 in half in support of gun control

greatgooglymoogly says...

Aahahahaha! This is hilarious. Not only does the guy not destroy his rifle, he commits a felony by creating a short-barreled rifle. They are regulated like machine guns and there is a lot of paperwork done to create and sell one. I'm glad this idiot has one less functional gun but he really shouldn't be giving anyone advice on guns, ever.

who says a time lord can't be a woman?

ChaosEngine jokingly says...

I think it’s great that the doctor is a woman.

I’m just not sure about her being from Yorkshire.

Payback said:

True Whovians don't care who portrays the Doctor as long as copious ass is kicked and names are at least jotted down for future reference if not entirely taken.

The Ones crying about Whitaker have cried about every single other change since Baker.

True story.

newtboy (Member Profile)

Filmmaking Methods That R Ruining Movies: Methods of Madness

ChaosEngine says...

Sorry, but this argument is nonsense.
CGI, colour grading and digital cameras aren't "ruining movies". All those tools can be used well.

What's ruining movies is dumb scripts and bad filmmaking.

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