Weekly Achievements for 22May22 thru 28May22

#1 Video

George W. oopsie regarding Ukraine.. Iraq invasion by eric3579

Science teacher demonstrates Bernoulli’s Principle by eric3579

Deceiving the brain with the rubber hand illusion by eric3579

Brass Against - Toxicity (System of a Down Cover) ft. Cunio by w1ndex

Top 15 Videos

Heroic save by eric3579 reached #2
Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+ by ant reached #2
Steven covers the impossibility of teaching monkeys safe sex by luxintenebris reached #2
She Votes by newtboy reached #3
Top Gun: Maverick | The Power of the Naval Aircraft Featuret by BSR reached #3
Duck Runs Marathon & Wins Medal by ant reached #3
Fish Attacks Water-Skier by BSR reached #3
Subway: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) by w1ndex reached #4
Florida Man Brings Knife To Gunfight by newtboy reached #4
For A Few Dollars More - Danish National Symphony Orchestra by newtboy reached #4
Bang Bang - My Baby Shot me Down by newtboy reached #4
Due To The Recent Actions Of A Specific Tenant … by newtboy reached #4
Lawrence: ‘Fox News Has Blood On Its Hands’ by BSR reached #4
Willow | Official Teaser Trailer | Disney+ by ant reached #5
Oliver Stones thoughts on why Putin invaded Ukraine by eric3579 reached #5
Ultra-MAGA Condoms Real Time with Bill Maher by BSR reached #6
Jordan Klepper Meets the MyPillow Guy | The Daily Show by BSR reached #6
Beto interrupts dog and pony show by luxintenebris reached #7
Actor Ray Liotta Dead At 67 by BSR reached #8
Hayes: NRA "Good Guy With A Gun" Theory Failed In Real Time by BSR reached #8
The Sparks Brothers by dotdude reached #10
Man rescued after falling off cliff in California by BSR reached #10
Bring the Mega Pint by oblio70 reached #11

Top Comments

it was rough in a comedy sense. he might as well have... by kir_mokum (3 votes)
‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where... by BSR (3 votes)
Little low on attention again I see. by BSR (3 votes)
The proof that these assholes don’t believe their... by newtboy (3 votes)
And also don’t think about HOW they were hurt…just... by newtboy (3 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Deceiving the brain with the rubber hand illusion by eric3579 (24 votes)
Brass Against - Toxicity (System of a Down Cover) ft. Cunio by w1ndex (17 votes)
Heroic save by eric3579 (14 votes)
Fish Attacks Water-Skier by BSR (13 votes)
She Votes by newtboy (12 votes)

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