The Many Faces of Serious Cat III(200-300) (Blog Post)

Here we go again, another hundred's worth of avatars. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth nowadays and have been lackadaisically sifting away. So please accept this last round with my apologies and a hollow promise to do better on my way to 400! Thanks everybody for your votes and encouragement.

... more inside ...

Thanks again everybody!

Ike (Blog Post)

Video Editing Software - Recommendations? (Blog Post)

Don't know a darn thing about it, but shot video at a friends performance, with two cameras and separate sound and am looking for entry level, inexpensive video editing software to try to put it all together on a PC (I know, I know, if I had a Mac this wouldn't be an issue).

Any ideas? Comments would be much appreciated.

. (Blog Post)


You found my secret scratch pad where I work out my lousy html skills for upcoming posts. If you see this, pretend you didn't, okay? Thanks...





Sift Sunday Crossword

July 6 2008

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1. How to avoid 10 / Advancedsearch
4. Varo CMS Author / RommelSantor
9. The King's Co-conspirator / Mink


2. Another way to avoid 10 / GoodTags
3. New diamond / jwray
5. Natural 500 / Arvana
6. Leaving the Sift posts / GBCW
7. Schmawy and Critttter's first song / Bowie
8. Elitist Menace / VideoCult
10. Sifter's Bane / Dupes
11. Top rated commenter / MarineGunrock


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The Wheels Channel

Something happened in Mesopotamia seven thousand years ago that changed everything, for better or worse.

Certainly this a place for videos about Cars, because they are the the largest shapers of our physical world. Take a look at the landscape around you, and you'll see what I mean. Of course bicycles, skateboards, trains, tractors and even tanks and donkey-carts are all appropriate, too. If it's got wheels, it belongs in the wheels channel. Unless it's an airplane, then of course it belongs in * spacy, unless it's specifically about landing gear, but then * engineering would work too, and so forth). If you're not sure, tag it anyway and we'll sort it out!

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